Yahtzee Drinking Game


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What is Yahtzee?

How is it normally played?

Are there a lot of Yahtzee drinking games out there?

Yahtzee is a game that is played with dice and a cup. The object of the game is to have the highest score after thirteen rounds of play.

In regular, classic Yahtzee, you can roll up to three times per turn. For the first roll, you can roll all five dice at once in an attempt to get the combo you’re looking for.

If you don’t get the combo you want, you can set aside any dice you want to keep and roll the remaining ones again. You can try one more time, for a third roll, if you still don’t get the combo you want. However, on your third roll, you have to take whatever you get.

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Scoring can be a little complicated in Yahtzee. Scores are based on combinations, such as three of a kind, four of a kind, full house, and more. If you have five of the same face showing on your dice, you have a Yahtzee, which is worth 50 points.

Playing Yahtzee as a drinking game can be a little bit tricky, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of rules to help you learn how. In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite Yahtzee drinking game rules so you can easily learn how to play this game and have a unique, new experience every time you join your friends and family for a round.

Read on to learn more about the rules of a Yahtzee drinking game.

How to Play Yahtzee as a Drinking Game

Keep in mind that house rules always stand, so if someone has different rules than those listed here for their Yahtzee drinking game party, you’ll need to stick to what they say. This list can be a good place to get started, however, if you’re looking for some ideas to jumpstart your drinking game experience.

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  1. If you roll a one at any time, take a shot. If you roll a one on your last roll of a turn, you must take three shots. If you roll multiple ones, you have to take three shots for each one you’ve rolled on your final turn. This is a “bad luck” rule and it can make or break the drunkenness of a game of Yahtzee.
    • If someone rolls ones and doesn’t report it or drink as they are supposed to, they then have to take two shots per every one rolled.
  2. If you roll a Yahtzee you can force anyone else to chug. However, if you roll a Yahtzee of ones, you have to chug your own drink instead because of your bad luck in rolling so many ones.
  3. First place doesn’t have to drink. Second place has to take two shots. Third place has to take five shots, and last place has to chug.
    • There are other variations on this rule that may depend on the number of points each place scores rather than the place itself. This is up to house rules to determine, so talk with the group about which type of Yahtzee drinking game you’d rather play.
  4. Players are allowed to cheat in any way they can during a Yahtzee drinking game. However, if they are caught, they must chug their drink and then start a new one. If a player accuses another player of cheating, but they are wrong, then the one who made the false accusation has to take a shot instead.
  5. If you roll two of a kind, you can force any other player to take two shots.
  6. If you roll three of a kind, you can force any other player to take three shots.
  7. If you roll four of a kind, you can force any other player to take four shots.
  8. If you roll a full house, you can force any other player to take five shots.
  9. For all of the above rules, you can also divide the number of shots between more than one player; for example, for four of a kind, you may give four players one shot each, two players two shots each, etc.
  10. If you roll a straight, you can force two players to take three shots each. Again, these shots can be divided, but no one player can take six shots at a time.
  11. All shots must be completed before the next turn begins. If someone starts rolling before shots aren’t finished, that person also has to take a shot. Alternately, if someone is taking too long finishing their shots, they can be kicked out of the round, forced to take an additional shot, or any other punishment the group deems fit for the “crime.”
  12. If anyone causes the dice to roll off the table and then has to go looking for them, that person has to take a shot. In the unfortunate instance they end up losing one of the dice, they have to chug their drink.


As you can see, there are a lot of fun and interesting takes on how to play Yahtzee as a drinking game. If you’re a fan of this classic game, you may want to try this option and see for yourself just why so many people enjoy playing it.

Of course, you may find yourself at a loss for ideas when it comes to playing a Yahtzee drinking game, too. If this is true of you, then it might be a good idea to buy a pre-printed Yahtzee-style game meant for drinking rather than relying on making up your own rules.

Here’s a product you might want to purchase to help your game improve even more.


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[amazon link=”B002ZGD9GE” title=”Shotzee! combines the elements of Yahtzee” /] with the fun of a drinking game in a simple and easy to learn challenge. In this game, all you have to do is shake and roll the dice, then respond to them accordingly. Each icon on the dice stands for something different, and depending on the combinations you get, you’ll need to react in different ways.


  • This game is very easy to play by simply rolling the dice and doing what they say.
  • The game doesn’t have all the complicated rules of regular Yahtzee, so it’s better for playing when you’re already a little bit drunk.


  • The dice are not printed in high-quality and instead simply have stickers on each side, so they may peel and flake off easily.
  • The game only comes with the dice and doesn’t include the cup at all, so you’ll need to have a cup handy before you can play it.

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No matter how you choose to play this game, keep in mind that you should always drink responsibly. Never invite minors to play drinking games with you, and make sure you and your guests will be staying in until your sober—no drinking and driving.

Tell everyone who will be playing that they can stop drinking at any time, so no one gets sick over overdoes it too much. Finally, make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable in the location where you’ll be playing. Be a responsible drinking game host for best results at your next party!

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