Water Drinking Games


Are you looking for some fun non-alcoholic drinking games?

Do you want to try out a few games that will encourage you to drink more water?

Are you looking for a fun way to stay hydrated all day long?

We’re sure you’ve read up a lot about drinking games, but have you ever tried out a water drinking game? In fact, these are some of those fun ways in which you can boost your daily water intake, without it feeling like a chore.

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So today, we’re sharing with you this fun but very important article that will tell you about a load of drinking games that are all based around water. From how to play these games to what all you might need, to all the easy rules and ways to play, we will share each and every detail. And yes, if there are kids around, find out whether or not it’s a good idea to play these games with them, and why.

5 Fun Drinking Water Games


Why it’s a great water drinking game: This is a fun game because it can give ideas about what you may want to do, and also lets you know the other person more.

Materials Needed:

  • Water and glasses for each player

Set up

  • All players sit down and think of all those things you wish you had done or want to do.

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. One player starts by saying “Never have I ever ______.
  2. Everyone who has done the action stated has to drink water.
  3. The next player says something and the actions repeat.

Option #2. TAKE A SIP IF…

Why it’s a great water drinking game: This is also very similar to the game ‘Never Have I Ever’

Materials Needed:

  • Water and glass for each player

Set up

  • All players sit down and think up different types of scenarios that they have been in or even hypothetical situations.

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. There are two ways to play this game – you can either select a group leader, or you can play this with each player taking turns one by one.
  2. Depending on how you want to play it, the group leader or the first player says “Take a sip if” and adds an action or a scenario to the sentence.
  3. All those players who have done that particular action or have been in the mentioned scenario will have to drink a glass of water.

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Option #3. WATER PONG

Why it’s a great water drinking game: It adds a fun competitive edge while letting you drink water

Materials needed

  • Solo cups
  • Pong ball
  • Water
  • Table or sturdy surface

Set up

  • Set up the cups in triangular shape on both edges.
  • Fill with water.
  • Players stand opposite each other in front of the cups.

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. Take turns to throw the ball into the opposing player’s cup.
  2. If it lands, they have to drink.
  3. If you miss, you drink.
  4. If the ball bounces you drink.
  5. If you accidentally touch the ball coming towards your cup you drink.
  6. If you spill the drink you drink.
  7. If the ball lands in your cup you drink.

Option #4. FLIP CUP

Why it’s a great water drinking game: It brings along a racing element into the game while making you drink water

Materials needed

  • Solo cups
  • Flat surface
  • Water

Set up

  • If you have enough members, you can make teams or play individually.
  • Fill the cups with water.
  • Now align the cups in line on the same side.
  • Place the cups on edge directly in front of the players.

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How to Play and When To Drink

  1. At the start of the game, all players will have to race to finish a solo cup of water.
  2. Once they finish the water, they will have to place their cups upside down on the edge of a table and flip them right side up, using only one finger.
  3. The player who manages to do this the first is the winner.
  4. Rest all the other players have to drink another full glass of water again.

Option #5. TITANIC

Why it’s a great water drinking game: You get to watch the iconic movie and also don’t forget to keep sipping water

Materials needed

  • The movie
  • A viewing device
  • Water and glasses for each player

Set up

  • Before starting the movie, decide what you all will be drinking on.
  • Start watching the movie.

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. Each time ‘My heart will go on’ tune/song plays
  2. Someone praises the Titanic
  3. The Titanic captain comes on screen
  4. A gun is shown
  5. 2 glasses of water if it hits someone
  6. 3 glasses of water if the shooter hits self
  7. 2 glasses of water when a body falls in the water
  8. Bottoms up with a glass of water when Titanic hits the iceberg
  9. Bottoms up with a glass of water when Jack dies
  10. Bottoms up with a glass of water when Jack’s body goes away under water
  11. 1 glass of water when someone cries
  12. 1 glass of water each time the necklace changes hands
  13. 1 glass of water each time Hockley reminds us why it is so important to be rich
  14. 1 glass of water each time Rose’s granddaughter is shown in the movie
  15. 1 glass of water each time there is a helicopter shown
  16. 1 glass of water each time an emergency flare is fired
  17. 1 glass of water each time the story goes from past to present or vice versa
  18. 2 glasses of water each time someone mentions that the Titanic is unsinkable
  19. 1 glass of water each time Jack or Rose go in the water
  20. 1 glass of water each time a big wall of water slams into someone
  21. 1 glass of water each time you see someone holding hands
  22. 1 glass of water each time someone is trapped behind a gate

MORE Water Drinking Game Rules

These drinking game rules will let you drink water throughout the day. Make your own too!

Have a glass of water when:

  • Someone calls your name
  • You meet a new person
  • You forget someone’s name
  • Someone offers you food
  • You see a cat
  • You get up from your chair
  • You come back from the loo
  • Your phone call gets over

How important is it to drink enough water?

There are a host of benefits of drinking plain water, in addition to reducing your thirst levels:

  • Drinking water helps you lose and manage your weight better.
  • It helps the flow of oxygen throughout the body.
  • Helps to lubricate your joints.
  • Great for your skin and hair.
  • This offer improves brain functioning.
  • This choice improves stamina and enhances physical performance.

What can water drinking games do to help you stay hydrated?

In your busy life, you may often forget to drink enough water. Playing these games with friends, colleagues and family is a great way to ensure everyone remembers to have water and gets their daily quota too, all while having fun!

Can kids play these water drinking games?

These games are perfect for kids as they will instil the habit of regularly drinking water from an early age.

Will these games work for parties and get-togethers?

These are also fun for playing with a mix of adults and children, as everyone will stay hydrated through the entire time you play. Not to mention that it adds a lot of laughs too!

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