Card Drinking Games For Two People


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Can you really play a drinking game with just two people?

Is it possible to find drinking card games for 2 that revolve around cards as a key element?

What are some of the mechanics you should look for in card drinking games for 2?

Finding the right drinking card games for two can be tricky, especially when you’re looking for something specific. However, as long as the game uses cards and doesn’t need a group of people to respond to each round, there’s no reason why it can’t be perfect .

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite drinking games for two with cards as a key component. These games often feature quick, simple gameplay and rounds that end fast, and they don’t involve a lot of complicated rules that are more fun with multiple people.

We’ll also show you a few additional card games and packs you can purchase if you don’t have the right products on hand to play the games you’re interested in trying. Although many of these games can be played with a simple deck of cards, some require specialty cards to enjoy.

Read on to find out how to play some of the most popular 2 player card drinking games.

Option #1. Match

Best Alcohol: Beer, tequila, rum, vodka

Materials Needed:

  • Individual drinks or shot glasses for everyone playing
  • One single die
  • Several decks of cards

How to Play

  1. When it comes to any two player card games drinking is the point, and this game is no different. Begin by giving every player their own deck of cards.
    • If you don’t have enough individual decks to do this, you can divide the decks into smaller hands per each player. Just be sure each player has at least ten or so cards, to make it a fair chance.
  2. The first player rolls a die and everyone waits for it to stop.
  3. As soon as the number on the face of the die is visible, everyone should scramble to find a card that matches that number.
  4. The first person to play the right card can give two shots to anyone else and doesn’t have to drink this round.
  5. The second person can give one shot to anyone else, but may still be forced to drink by the winning player for the round.
  6. Every other player is a loser for the round and must take a shot.

Option #2. Go Fish Yourself

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If you prefer to play a different take on a drinking game with cards, try [amazon link=”B018UPVYV0″ title=”Go Fish Yourself” /]. This game involves playing cards and responding to them according to what they specify. Players must make pairs in order to win this game, so there is still a matching element involved—but it plays quite a lot differently than the Match drinking game, for those looking for a change.


  • This game can be used with a Naughty expansion pack for those looking for even more adult fun.
  • Players have to be creative and think outside the box to keep from losing this game.


  • Some customers feel the game isn’t very fun with just two players.
  • The cards may arrive bent or damaged.

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Option #3. Beer Blow

Best Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed:

  • Individual drinks for everyone playing
  • Empty beer bottle
  • Deck of cards

How to Play

  1. Begin by stacking the deck of cards on top of the empty beer bottle in the center of a table.
  2. Players take turns blowing on the cards to try to knock off a few of them at a time.
  3. If you only knock off one or two cards, you don’t take a drink and can’t give a drink either.
  4. If you knock off five or more cards, you don’t take a drink, but you can give a drink to the other player.
  5. If you knock off the last card, you must chug.

Option #4. Loaded Kings

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These two player drinking games cards are perfect for playing a [amazon link=”B0029LDRYO” title=”round of Kings” /], if that’s a little more your speed. Although Kings may not be the ideal drinking game for just two people, there’s no reason why you can’t give it a try. You might have to change the rules a little bit, but with this simple and easy-to-use deck of Kings cards, you should have no trouble doing just that.


  • These cards are waterproof for longer use.
  • The rules for Kings are printed on each card for convenience.


  • Some customers feel these cards are boring without making some changes to the gameplay.
  • The waterproof coating may rub off of the cards easily over time.

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Option #5. War

Best Alcohol: Beer or wine

Materials Needed:

  • Deck of cards
  • Individual drinks for players

How to Play

  1. Divide the deck of cards evenly between both players.
  2. Both players count down from three. On “go,” both players flip over the top card on their decks at the same time.
  3. The player with the lower number card has to drink.
  4. The number of drinks corresponds to the difference between the cards. For example, if one player has a 9 and the other has a 7, the player with the 7 must take 2 shots, because 9 minus 7 is 2.
  5. Play continues until both players are out of cards.

Option #6. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

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These [amazon link=”B073R59XYF” title=”Cards Will Get You Drunk” /] is a deck of cards printed with 100 unique drinking rules and challenges to get everyone drinking fast. This is a competitive and fast-paced game perfect for parties or for date nights.


  • The game is quick and easy to learn how to play.
  • These cards encourage players to drink, laugh, and have fun together.


  • Some players dislike the cards that are a “free pass” and don’t involve drinking for one round.
  • The cards are not waterproof so they may not last very long.

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Now that you’ve had a chance to check out some of the best 2 player drinking card games around, you may be wondering when you can use games like this. There are many great situations for these card games, so learning them can be a fun way to bring them out at a moment’s notice when the time is right.

Are two player drinking games with cards good for best friends or siblings to play together? Or are these games better for couples? As long as the game isn’t naughty in theme, there’s no reason why it can’t be played by friends, siblings, or cousins. Of course, naughty and non-naughty drinking games alike are great ways for couples to bond and have fun with each other, too.

Can you use two player card drinking games on a first date to get to know someone better? This is a great way to break the ice and get a little closer to someone you might be interested in. Even if you meet at a party with lots of other people present, you might be able to steal some time with the person you’re interested in and play one of these card games one-on-one.

No matter which two player drinking card games you choose to try, remember to always drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, be sure to stop before you make yourself sick, and never let minors join in drinking games.

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