Drinking Games Truth Or Dare: Truth Or Drink Questions

Discover truth or dare questions and drink in our truth or dares drinking game tutorial.


How many times have you played the truth or dare drinking game truth or dare?

Has it been a long time you played the much-loved fun and entertaining game?

Would you like to play the same game but with a twist, adding a drinking angle to it?

You probably already love playing truth or dare. But what happens when you add some drinking rules to it? If you haven’t tried out the drinking version of the truth or dare drinking game, we can help you plan your next truth or dare drinking game get-together.

We will tell you how to play the regular truth or dare game (in case you haven’t played it before), and also tell you how to include the drinking angle in it. We are also sharing a list of fun truth questions as well as crazy dares that will take your party to the next level!

What is Truth or Dare and how is it played?

  • Truth or Dare is mostly a verbal game where the only accessory you need to play the truth or dare drinking game is an empty bottle (which is also optional).
  • The plot of the truth or dare drinking game is that players are asked whether they want to choose a truth or dare.
  • If players choose a truth, they have to truthfully answer a question asked by other players.
  • If they choose a dare instead, they have to perform the dare that is chosen by other players.

What are the traditional rules of this game?

Like a lot of other traditional games, truth or dare can also be played in many different ways, depending on the age of the players, who all is present in the group and how comfortable your guests or friends are with the truth or dare drinking game or till what extent they are ready to go.

Here are the most commonly used or traditional rules of playing truth or dare:

  • All the players form a circle and sit around a table or on the floor.
  • Basically, you need to be on a sturdy surface.
  • Now take an empty bottle and place it in the middle of the circle of the players.
  • You can decide before the truth or dare drinking game begins as to who will start spinning the bottle first.
  • The chosen player then has to give the bottle a spin.
  • Once the bottle stops spinning, whoever it is pointing to, with its open end, has to choose whether they want to take a Truth or Dare.
  • In case the player chooses Truth, the person who spun the bottle can ask any question and the player has to answer truthfully. In case another player realizes that the person is lying, they can get a penalty which you all can decide on.
  • In case the player chooses Dare, the person who spun the bottle can give them a daring task that they have to perform. If the player is unable to perform the Dare or backs out, they get a penalty.

The aim of the truth or dare drinking game is to have pure fun without making anyone awkward, without bullying anyone or hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Can you turn truth or dare into a drinking game?

Yes, you can definitely turn Truth or Dare into a drinking game by adding alcohol into the truth or dare drinking game as part of the playing process as well as part of the penalties.

Here are a few ways in which you can easily turn the classic Truth or Dare into a drinking game:

  • You have to set up the truth or dare drinking game in the same way as the traditional style, with players sitting in a circle, the empty bottle in the middle and one player starting the truth or dare drinking game by giving the bottle a spin.
  • Once the bottle stops at someone and the player is given a Truth or Dare which they don’t want to take up, they can pass it over by taking a shot or doing a bottoms-up.
  • It might not sound like too difficult at the start, but as the truth or dare drinking game progresses and the Truths and Dares start getting bolder or crazier, it can be quite fun! 

15 great Truth Or Drink Questions and Dares to use for the Truth or Dare game

Here’s our list of 15 super fun questions and dares for your next round of the Truth or Dare game:


Check out these Truth questions that will make your game even more hilarious and crazy!

1. If you were a girl or a guy, which girl or guy in this group would you date?

2. If your life were a novel, what would the title be?

3. What are the 5 body parts that you would love to kiss on someone in this room?

4. Have you ever done something degrading while having sex? What is it? If you have not yet done it, what is that one degrading sex fetish that you have?

5. What is the most embarrassing thing that you have done when you were drunk?

6. Have you ever puked over someone else or in your handbag after you were totally sloshed?

7. How many people in this room would you gladly love to have sex with?

8. When was the last time you masturbated? What were you watching or thinking of while masturbating?

9. What is one of the most embarrassing or kinkiest secret that you have deliberately kept hidden from us all?

10. What is your favourite sex toy? 

11. What is your biggest turn-on?

12. What is the most disgusting place you have ever made out or had sex in?

13. What is the craziest or most dangerous place you have ever had sex in?

14. What is your favourite sex position?

15. Which part of sex are you best at?


Check out these fun Dares that will make your game even more hilarious and crazy!

1. Play the rest of the truth or dare drinking game in your underwear.

2. Kiss a friend with passion.

3. Keep a straight face and don’t move while everyone tickles you for 1 minute.

4. Close your eyes and send a text message to a random person on your phone.

5. Stand in the middle and do a pole dance with an imaginary pole.

6. Top on anyone in the room and dance.

7. Lick the ears of a player in the room.

8. Call the pizza number and ask for delivery of (double the number of players) pizzas.

9. Turn on one of the players in the room.

10. Go and get a booty slap from every player in the room.

11. Take off the shirt of a willing boy or girl using only your teeth.

12. Drink, do 10 spins, drink and kiss the first player you see.

13. Stand up, close your eyes and rub your hands all over your body from top to bottom.

14. Eat a raw egg.

15. Take a fully-clothed shower.

Can this game be played with a large group or is it best for small groups?

You can play this with a large group as well as with a small group. You can also play it as a pair, or just as a couple, which can be a great way to find out more about each other and also turn the truth or dare drinking game into a more sensuous and intimate one.

Remember to drink responsibly and ensure everyone playing is above the legal drinking age.

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