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Are you looking for the best Super Bowl drinking game to play this season?

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Are you trying to create your own drinking games for Super Bowl viewing and need some ideas for fun rules to get wasted to?

A Super Bowl drinking game is any type of game with rules that encourage taking sips or shots of your favorite alcoholic beverage while watching the Super Bowl. Although some people enjoy playing these types of games by strict rules, others like keeping things a little flexible, and it’s up to you to determine which variation you prefer.

There are many different rules you might want to incorporate into your Super Bowl drinking game. If you’re thinking of hosting a party with a game like this, you’ll want to brush up on all the possibilities before you begin.

In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite drinking game rules to help you get started. Remember that you can always change these rules, leave out the ones you don’t like, and make up new ones you do like. House rules always stand, so if you’re hosting the party, it’s up to you!

Remember, too, to make sure everyone has the same type of alcohol for this drinking game. This option isn’t fair if one person is getting drunk on a few shots of tequila while another person has made it through several beers without feeling more than a little tipsy, after all!

If you’re looking for some great drinking games Super Bowl fans will enjoy, read on.

Rules for a Super Bowl Drinking Game

Before the big game rolls around, prepare yourself by making sure you’ve got a good, solid drinking game on hand. With a game like this, everyone will have a great time, and everyone will be a little tipsy by the end of the night, too. Best of all, you can tweak the rules depending on what you want to get out of your drinking game so you’ll be able to customize the experience for you and your guests, too.

Option #1: “Take a Sip” Rules

These may happen so many times that you should only take a small sip when they occur. This way, no one will become dangerously drunk simply by the natural process of watching the game. Since they’re so common, these events are also a good way to break the ice and get the beer flowing a little more quickly when the game first begins.

  1. A player gets a penalty for any reason. It doesn’t matter whether or not he deserved it; if there’s a penalty, everyone should take a sip.
  2. You see a commercial for a car. This rule alone is sure to get everyone extremely drunk by the end of the game, so you might want to end it at halftime if there have been too many car commercials for you to keep track of.
  3. A player points to the sky. (Take two sips if he also kissed his fingers beforehand.) You’ll be surprised how many times you’ll sip for this one.
  4. Every time there is a first down. If there are any guests at your party who don’t understand the rules of football, make sure to point it out to them. If they don’t notice on their own, make them take two sips instead.
  5. The gameplay is interrupted for an unnecessary slow-motion replay. Like the car commercials, you may want to call this one off at halftime.

Option #2: “Take a Shot” Rules

These rules are a little less common than the first category, but still common enough that everyone will be taking several shots throughout the course of the game. If any of these seem to be happening less frequently for your Super Bowl viewing party than you expected, you can always increase the rules to two shots instead of just one.

  1. A player scores a field goal. This one may not happen as often as you’d expect, but you’ll still probably take a few shots throughout the game for it anyway.
  2. Your team scores a touchdown. If you want to make this more of a celebration, take two shots for your team scoring a touchdown.
  3. A commercial makes you cry or tear up. You’ll have to be willing to admit it, though. If you notice someone else at the party crying over a commercial and not admitting it, you can force them to take two shots instead.
  4. Every time the first commercial in a break is a car commercial, take a shot. Once again, try to keep this one in moderation, since it might happen more often than not.
  5. Every time a coach yells at a referee, take a shot. If the coach throws a tantrum, take two shots.

Option #3: “Chug” or “Waterfall” Rules

Everyone should chug their drinks when these situations occur. These are very uncommon, so they should only happen once or twice throughout the game. Still, it’s fun and exciting to give everyone a reason to chug for a little while. Determine the amount of time everyone will be chugging before you start watching.

  1. Chug if you have to pee before halftime. This is more of a punishment for missing part of the game than anything else—but it’s a longstanding rule for Super Bowl drinking game parties.
  2. Chug if a quarterback is taken out of the game for any reason, whether you agree with it or not, and whether he is your team’s quarterback or not.
  3. Before the game starts, everyone should predict what the first commercial will be. If anyone is right, they should chug their drink. Make this harder by having everyone name the company instead of just the category—i.e. it will probably be a car commercial, but what type of car?
  4. Chug if your team scores first. This is a cause for celebration, after all!
  5. Of course, if your team wins, drink it all! You might want to have something a little nicer than beer on hand to open up for celebrating when your team wins, too.


Are these games fun whether or not you understand or are interested in the Super Bowl? Can a drinking game make a viewing party fun for everyone? When you incorporate a Super Bowl drinking game into your big game party, you’ll be giving everyone a chance to enjoy themselves equally. Even people who aren’t interested in football or don’t really understand it will be able to follow the rules of a drinking game, since most of them don’t rely on much knowledge of football to begin with.

If you’re looking for a way to make sure everyone has a great time at your Super Bowl viewing party, consider adding a drinking game. Just remember to always drink responsibly and encourage your guests to stop drinking if they’ve had too much. Drinking games can be dangerous, so be sure everyone is making safe decisions. Do not allow your guests to drive right after playing a drinking game, and make sure only adults are participating in the game, too.

When you pay attention to safety concerns, everyone will have a better and safer experience!

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