Star Wars Drinking Game


Are you looking to get boozey with your fellow Jedi masters this May 4th?

Are you in search for the perfect Star Wars drinking games for your next Empire marathon?

What are the best Star Wars drinking games rules to use to ensure everyone has a blast?

Star Wars is a popular sci-fi/fantasy movie franchise that has been around since the 1970s. This franchise has several movies as well as spin-offs and TV series, and it’s an extremely well-known piece of media.

Fans of Star Wars often like to get together for parties on May 4th. This is because the phrase “May the Fourth” sounds like “May the Force be with you,” which is a common phrase spoken throughout the Star Wars movies.

Of course, there are many other dates on which you might plan to host a Star Wars themed party, too. Whether you’re looking for a party for May the Fourth or you just want to have a party with a Star Wars theme at any time of the year, a drinking game can be a great way to bond with adult guests.

There are plenty of great ideas out there to help you find the perfect Star Wars drinking game rules for you and your friends. In this article, we’ll show you some of our favorite rules and help you get started planning the right drinking game for just about any Star Wars party situation.

Don’t forget to stock up on your favorite alcohol for this type of party and have plenty on hand to keep everyone partying strong throughout your movie marathon! Read on to learn more.

14 Great Star Wars Drinking Games Rules

Are you ready to get started on your Star Wars drinking game? If so, we’ve got you covered. Check out these rules below to help you begin with some of our favorite suggestions, but don’t forget to add some of your own if you prefer, too. You might also want to ask your friends to pitch in some of their favorite ideas to make your drinking game experience truly unique.

Remember that these rules can apply across the board, but some of them may be more relevant to certain movies than others. You may want to plan your movie choices accordingly based on your group’s preferences and the type of drinking game experience you want to create.

  1. Each movie begins with an opening text crawl and a definitive musical fanfare. The whole party should toast when this happens.
  2. Take a drink every time someone turns on a lightsaber. This rule alone is sure to get everyone in the party tipsy pretty quickly, so you may want to put some limits on it, such as stopping it after the first hour of the movie. Add on the rule that you should take two drinks when the lightsaber is purple, especially if you’ll be watching the prequels.
  3. Take a drink every time someone says, “I have a bad feeling about this.” Take two drinks the first time this phrase is ever spoken in the series.
  4. Take a small sip every time someone mentions the Force. Don’t overdo it on this rule, as it will make everyone drunk very fast. Take a whole shot every time someone says “May the Force be with you,” and two shots when someone else replies, “And also with you.”
  5. Take a drink every time Darth Vader Force-chokes someone—whether he’s Vader at the time or still Anakin Skywalker.
  6. Every time Luke whines about something, take a drink. You can also add to this rule and say that you have to drink every time any Skywalker family member whines about something.
  7. Take a drink every time someone has a hand or arm cut off. Extend this rule to include C-3PO losing a limb or losing his head for more opportunities to drink.
  1. Take a drink every time R2-D2 makes his famous screaming sound effect. This will happen more often during the original three films, but should happen at least once per movie.
  2. Take a drink every time the Millennium Falcon cannot make the jump to hyperspeed. Take two drinks every time it successfully makes the jump to hyperspeed.
  3. Chug when Darth Vader reveals that he is Luke’s father for the first time.
  4. Chug when one of the main cast members wails, “Noooo!” about something during a climactic moment in one of the films.
  5. Take a shot when Yoda or Obi-Wan die. To add to this rule, have everyone announce or write down their favorite Star Wars character. When someone’s favorite character dies, everyone must take a shot.
  6. If watching the prequels, take a shot every time one of the more joked-about phrases is spoken (for example, “Now that’s what I call Podracing!”). It’s best to have some serious Star Wars fans on hand to make suggestions about this rule.
  7. Take a shot when the day is saved.


Did you find the right drinking game ideas for your upcoming Star Wars party? Whether you’re hosting a party for May the Fourth or you just want to get together and drink with your buddies while enjoying one of your favorite film franchises, these suggestions should help you get off on the right foot. But what if you still need to do some planning? How can you set up the perfect Star Wars party complete with a drinking game you and your friends will never forget?

First of all, you’ll need to choose the right movie or movies. Which Star Wars movie is best for drinking games? This all depends on you and your friends. If you’re diehard Star Wars fans, you may want to choose one of the original three for your drinking game, since they’re often considered the best. But if you want something to make you laugh while you watch it and you don’t mind making fun of your favorite franchise, you may want to go with one of the prequels instead, which fans tend to consider as the worst part of the franchise. Finally, if you want something unique and different, go with one of the spinoff movies instead.

How much alcohol do you need for this game? How long should you plan to drink? If you watch all three original films in a row, for example, you should expect to be drinking for six or more hours. This is a long time to sit and drink, so it’s probably a good idea to pace yourself and separate this marathon a little bit. Whichever way you choose to do this, however, make sure to stock up on enough alcohol to get everyone through the movie or movies you choose. Everyone should plan to have at least four beers—or equivalent—per movie if all of the above rules are followed precisely.

Last but not least, never let children play this drinking game, and don’t play it around children either. Do not drink and drive, and take care to make sure your guests don’t drink and drive either. Encourage your party guests to speak up if they feel uncomfortable about the drinking game at any time, and make sure to stop the game if anyone is drinking dangerous amounts.

Taking care to make safe choices in your party will make the experience a fun and memorable one your friends will want to enjoy with you again and again.

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