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Barbuzzo Original Spin the Shot – Fun Party Drinking Game,...
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Barbuzzo Original Spin the Shot – Fun Party Drinking Game,...
  • CLASSIC GAME, NEW TWIST: Remember Spin the Bottle? Spin the Shot is the same game, except you're playing for shots...
  • EASY TO PLAY: Just pour a shot into the included glass shot glass, spin the arrow and whomever the arrow points to...
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Don't settle for the same old board games when you can bring this cool gadget to parties,...

What is Spencer’s?

Are they physical stores or online only?

What kinds of items do they sell?

Spencer’s is a store known for selling party items as well as products related to crude humor. This store is located in many malls, but it also has a large online presence, too.

One of the common items available for sale from Spencer’s is the drinking game. Spencer’s sells a variety of different types of drinking games to help make your next party a success. Whether you’re looking for something for a bachelor or bachelorette party or you just want a way to spice up your weekend a little, you can find what you need from the Spencer’s catalog.

Read on to find out more about some of your favorite Spencers drinking games.

Option #1. Spin the Shot

Barbuzzo Original Spin the Shot – Fun Party Drinking Game,...

Spin the Shot is a quick and easy drinking game  that takes almost no thought and very little setup, too. Simply put the shot glass on the spinner, fill it with a shot, and spin the dial. The person it lands on has to take the shot—easy enough!


  • This game is very simple and can be played in rounds in just a few short minutes.
  • You can use this game to improve your games of Truth or Drink as well as other similar drinking games.


  • The spinner doesn’t spin very well and may break easily.
  • The spinner may tip over easily and spill the shot.

Option #2. Roulette Drinking Game Set

Bo-Toys Drinking Game Glass Roulette - Drinking Game Set (2 Balls...

This Roulette Drinking Game Set  has everything you need to get started playing a mini version of Shot Roulette. Fill the glasses and set them in their holes on the outer rim of the board, then spin the spinner in the center and drink the corresponding shot.


  • This game doesn’t take very long to set up, and the rules are simple enough to pick up as well.
  • The game comes with two ball bearings that can be used to play roulette.


  • Some products may arrive missing some of the pieces.
  • The spinner doesn’t spin very well and may break easily.

Option #3. Drunken Tower

ICUP iPartyHard - Drunken Tower: The Grab A Piece Adult Drinking...

Drunken Tower  is a drinking game specific version of Jenga, although it is not made by the Jenga company. This choice plays in the same way, however, with blocks that are stacked three per row and removed one at a time until the tower collapses.


  • This game comes with four shot glasses so you don’t have to worry about having extras on hand for your drinking game.
  • The game includes instructions printed on each brick, so players can easily respond to them while playing.


  • The pieces are very small and the tower is short.
  • Many customers feel it’s more fun to write their own rules on a Jenga game.

Option #4. Drinko Drinking Game

DRINKO Drinking Game - Fairly Odd Novelties - Fun Social Shot...

Based on Plinko from The Price is Right, Drinko is all about dropping a game piece into a drink and taking a shot . Drop the wrong button into a glass and you’ll have to take a shot—or play a simpler version where you take a shot every time you make it into any glass instead.


  • This game comes with shot glasses to help you get it set up quickly.
  • The pegs on the board are made of metal for durability.


  • The board is very small and hard to use.
  • The dividers between the shot glasses don’t stay in place well.

Option #5. Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Game Set

GLOWPONG Green vs Blue Glow-in-The-Dark Beer Pong Game Set for...

Take your beer pong game to the next level with this Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Game Set . The game comes with 12 green and 12 blue glowing cups that glow for about eight hours after they’ve been set up. This choice also comes with four balls that glow in the dark as well.


  • The game comes with an LED light charging station.
  • The cups are durable and hold up well to a game of beer pong.


  • Many customers feel this option is very overpriced.
  • The glow sticks may not always work.

Option #6. Truth or Dare Board Game

MadWish Truth or Dare Board Game

Playing truth or dare as a drinking game can be a challenge when everyone is too tipsy to think of good questions or dares. That’s where this Truth or Dare Board Game  comes in! This game has 100 truth cards and 100 dare cards to make the experience even easier than ever before. It also includes its own shot glasses for the dares that involve taking shots.


  • This board games makes a game of truth or dare a little more entertaining at any party.
  • The game is quick and easy to set up and learn.


  • The game may take a while to complete.
  • Some products may arrive missing pieces.

Option #7. Drinkopoly

Drinkopoly Party Game | Fun Drinking Game for Game Night |...

Move around the game board and respond to what the squares tell you to do in this simple but very effective Drinkopoly board game . The game encourages players to drink early and drink often throughout a round, and it’s easy to learn how to play as you go for those who have already had some drinks, too.


  • This game is a great ice breaker for those who don’t know each other very well yet at a party.
  • The game includes challenges and minigames that are fun and easy to play.


  • Despite the name, the game does not play at all like Monopoly.
  • The game may be over too quickly for some players.


So what do you think? Were you able to find some great drinking games for your next party or get-together? There are plenty of quality drinking games available that can be purchased both from Spencer’s and from elsewhere. If you’re looking for a way to improve your party or just find new and exciting ways to hang out with your friends, any or all of these games can be a great solution.

But how do you know which ones are right for you? How can you choose a drinking game when there are so many to pick from? Here are a few tips for picking a great drinking game, no matter where you buy it from:

  • Choose a game that’s easy to set up and clean when you’re finished playing it, too.
  • Choose a game that doesn’t have complicated instructions that would be hard to learn while drunk.
  • Choose a game that can be played quickly in rounds so more people can jump in when they want to.
  • Choose a game that can be played by just two people or by a large group of people, depending on the size of the party you’re hosting or participating in.
  • Choose a game that encourages plenty of drinking without bullying players into feeling like they have to drink more if they don’t want to.

When you choose a drinking game, make sure you pick something you and your friends will enjoy playing and can also play safely together. Always play drinking games responsibly. Do not force anyone to play or keep playing longer than they want to, and never let minors play these kinds of games. Finally, do not drink and drive, and do not let your party guests drink and drive either. Safety first!

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