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Have you ever felt like getting WASTED watching Seinfeld?

Are you looking for Seinfeld drinking games to get your next rerun party going?

How could you possibly get trashed watching something like Seinfeld?

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Seinfeld is one of the most well-known and iconic sitcoms from the 1990s. This show changed the face of television in the United States and continues to be one of the most popular rerun series. Some of the quotes and references from this series have made it into the common vernacular so much so that many people who reference it don’t even realize it.

This pop culture phenomenon, of course, has several fun drinking games associated with it. If you’re looking for a drinking game to play based on a TV show, you can’t go wrong with Seinfeld.

Learning how to play a Seinfeld-themed drinking game can take some practice. In this article, we’ll show you 20 rules you can use to set up your drinking game. Whether you choose to follow all these rules or not is up to you. Try mixing and matching them or writing your own to play with your friends.

This type of drinking game is a great way to bond with friends and relive the nostalgia of Seinfeld over and over again. To find out more about how to play a Seinfeld drinking game, read on.

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20 Rules for Seinfeld Drinking Games

These are just some of the most common and popular rules for Seinfeld drinking games. You may want to change the drink values associated with some of them to make the game longer or shorter depending on your needs. For the most part, “drink” rules require only a sip of your drink, since they happen very often. “Shot” rules are a little less common and therefore require a little more alcohol, while “chug” rules only happen once or twice ever in the series and are a good reason to get drunk fast. You and your friends may want to alter these rules a little bit.

1. Drink when you hear a bass guitar riff outside of the show’s opening theme. This happens almost every time a scene changes, so get ready to sip often for this rule.

2. Drink every time someone mentions George being bald. Take two drinks if it’s George himself who mentions it. Take two drinks as well as if the person who mentions it is a woman he’s dating or interested in dating.

3. Drink every time Elaine says “get out” and punches or shoves someone. If the person she shoves falls down because of it, take two drinks.

4. Drink every time Kramer barges in. This happens in almost every episode, and sometimes more than once per episode, so be sure to keep this one at a “sip only” rule!

5. Drink every time Jerry’s voice raises in pitch. If everyone else in the conversation raises their voice to match his, take two drinks (or take a drink for everyone who joins in the shouting).

6. Drink every time Kramer eats Jerry’s food without asking. Take two drinks if this continues in the background of a scene or isn’t the point of the scene—or if no one really mentions it.

7. Drink every time George yells about something. If George yells into the telephone and Jerry responds with a sarcastic, “who is this?” take two drinks.

8. Drink every time someone is shown at the diner. Like many of these rules, this should be sips only, because it happens in every episode and will be a quick way to get drunk otherwise!

9. Take a shot every time Jerry says “Newman” or “hello Newman.” If Newman responds with a similar tone, take two shots.

10. Take a shot every time a celebrity shows up as a guest star. Don’t take a shot, however, if the celebrity is only mentioned by name and never seen in the episode.

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11. Take a shot every time George gets fired from a job. You can also take a shot every time he gets a new job for even more opportunities to drink.

12. Take a shot every time someone says “a show about nothing.” Take a shot as well when their “show about nothing” pitch gets picked up for production.

13. Take one shot if George talks about breaking up with a girl, and two shots if he goes through with it in the same episode. You can also add the same rule for Jerry if you want to.

14. Take a shot if Kramer falls down, even if he catches himself on the way down. Add to this rule by taking a shot every time Kramer does any slapstick.

15. Take a shot every time you see either George or Jerry’s parents. You only have to do this for the first time in an episode they’re featured in, however.

16. Take a shot every time someone is nicknamed based on a trait (like “close talker”). Take two shots if a character can’t remember the person’s actual name because of this.

17. Take a shot every time George calls himself Art Vandalay or refers to himself with a job he doesn’t really hold (like “marine biologist”).

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18. Chug when you hear the iconic line, “No soup for you!” You may also want to make a list of other popular and well-known lines to chug during, so ask your friends for suggestions before the party begins.

19. Chug during the opening of your favorite episode. Alternately, if you have a favorite scene or quote but no favorite episode, chug during that scene instead.

20.Chug when Elaine dances. You can also make this more fun by having everyone in the group try to match her dance, and the worst dancer has to chug. This can also be a fun way to break the ice before the drinking game starts, by having everyone compete in an Elaine dancing contest.


Did you figure out the best way to enjoy your next Seinfeld viewing party? This can be a great way to get together with your friends, hang out, have some drinks and enjoy a lot of laughs too. This type of party works great for adult birthdays as well as TV show anniversary parties and weekends spent hanging out with your favorite people. No matter how you choose to enjoy this drinking game, remember to have access to Seinfeld first! This series is available on Hulu as well as through Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

What kind of alcohol should you use for a Seinfeld drinking game? Will you be drinking a lot? Beer is one of the best options for this and any TV show themed drinking game. Beer can be enjoyed in shots or sips, and it’s great for chugging too. Most people can drink quite a bit of beer before getting too drunk to continue, and beer is also cheap. Since you’ll need several cans per player, this is probably your best bet.

No matter what type of alcohol you choose, remember to drink and play responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, don’t let any minors play, and don’t encourage anyone to keep playing after they’ve had enough to drink.

Are you looking for Seinfeld drinking games? There are rules for Seinfeld drinking games. It’s about drinking as a pleasurable activity. Seinfeld was a classic sitcom. Play a Seinfeld party game / download and other Seinfeld drinking games. It’s fun drinking with folks. Play the Jerry Seinfeld game. Enjoy watching episodes in Seinfeld look for scene of Kramer drinking where drinking is a very special episode. Don’t drinking on an empty stomach. Experts on Seinfeld learn from Jerry Seinfeld guides to drinking. Learn the aspects of drinking games!

Drinking is fun. Go out drinking and watching the fifth season of Seinfeld on DVD or find David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld sit together at a table drinking coffee. Wait for Jessica Seinfeld to mention secret from Seinfeld or expressions from Seinfeld and drink. Have a night of heavy drinking and conversation between Jerry Seinfeld. This drinking game ‘s appealing as this game continues.

Encounter in gym Seinfeld, then drink! Hear Seinfeld on any subject, drink! Be flush with heavy drinking! Ross is drinking, look at Sasha who is drinking, drink everytime a spot on Seinfeld’s show, ” comedians grateful to Seinfeld. The concept from Seinfeld, everytime
jerry Seinfeld is eating and drinking, take shot.

Add these rules to your next monopoly game and it will be fun! What’s satisfying about drinking is watching episode of Seinfeld. Interplay between Seinfeld and have peril, some drinking consumption, binge drinking. See mentions of Seinfeld to breakfast and Seinfeld to Sandler and drink. Get drunk ! no cop-outs like movie games ( drink when watching a Yankees game with George. Jerry, take shot. I saw some other Seinfeld drinking games. Play as many games, favorites like game – A drinking game and bring casino life with this roulette drinking shot glass game. Be obsessed with Seinfeld drinking game. Seinfeld several mentions makes binge drinking fun. Know the cast of Seinfeld – the photo and appreciate use for a Seinfeld drinking game.

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