Pool Drinking Games


Are drinking games in the pool a good activity for adults in the summer?

How are these games more fun than traditional pool games?

Are there really that many drinking games for the pool?

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There may not be a ton of drinking-specific games for the swimming pool, but there are plenty of pool games that can be easily turned into drinking games. These activities are great for adults who are looking for a way to relax and have fun together by the pool during the hottest part of the year.

In this article, we’ll show you five of our favorite drinking pool games to help you plan your next backyard party. Stock up on beers and fruity poolside drinks for these fun games!

Read on to learn more about how to play some classic pool drinking games.

Option #1. Chicken Fight

Number of Players: 4 or more, in teams of 2

Best Alcohol: Beer, rum drinks, wine coolers

Materials Needed:

  • Swimming pool
  • Enough people to make teams

How to Play

  1. This team pool game is easy to play whether you make it into a drinking game or not, but adding alcohol to the mix is sure to make things even more fun.
  2. For this game, all you have to do is split everyone into teams of two. Ideally, these teams should be one man and one woman, but any combination can work as long as the teams are evenly matched.
  3. The lighter player sits on the shoulders of the heavier player while the heavier player stands in the swimming pool.
  4. The object is simple: knock your opponents over before they knock you over.
  5. Top players focus on knocking each other off while bottom players focus on knocking each other over.
  6. Almost any rules apply, and cheating is encouraged.
  7. Losers should take a shot and then get back in the game.

Option #2. Floating Beer Pong

Number of Players: 2 or more, in teams

Best Alcohol: Beer

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Materials Needed:

  • Swimming pool
  • Floating beer pong table
  • Ping pong balls
  • 16 plastic cups
  • One separate, larger bottle of beer

How to Play

  1. No party is complete without beer pong! With this version, you can play it in the swimming pool any time.
  2. For this game, begin by setting up the beer pong table. These floating tables are sold specifically for the purposes of playing floating beer pong.
  3. After the table is inflated, set the cups in their designated spots within the table and add a shot or two of beer to each one.
  4. Players then get in the pool and stand on either side of the table.
  5. The game is played just like regular beer pong, except the ping pong balls are simply tossed and not bounced into the other team’s cups.
  6. When a player gets a ball into their opponent’s cup, their opponent must drink the cup and take it out of play.
  7. This game can also be played while standing on the sides of the pool as well. Players must then get into the water every time they have to grab a cup and take a shot.
  8. The first player to lose all their cups must chug the whole bottle of beer.

Option #3. Pool Noodle Jousting

Number of Players: 4 or more, in teams of 2

Best Alcohol: Beer

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Materials Needed:

  • 6 pool noodles
  • PVC piping
  • Duct tape
  • Swimming pool

How to Play

  1. It’s easy to turn this game into a drinking one.
  2. Begin by setting up the “jousting” arena. Attach PVC piping together and slip the pool noodles over it to make platform for standing on while jousting.
  3. The “lances” can be made from more PVC piping with pool noodles over the top, or they can simply be additional pool noodles. The choice is up to the players. If making them out of piping, be sure to wrap them in pool noodle foam so no one gets actually injured.
  4. One player from each team should stand on the ends of the PVC platform to hold it in place along the top of the pool.
  5. The other players should then walk across the pool noodle platform and face each other.
  6. Players hit each other with their pool noodles until one of them falls off the platform.
  7. The player that falls off should take a shot before getting back in the rotation and continuing the game.
  8. This game gets considerably more difficult after taking several shots, since balance is key.

Option #4. Flip Cup Relay Race

Number of Players: 8 or more

Best Alcohol: Beer

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Materials Needed:

  • Floating table
  • Plastic cups for everyone playing

How to Play

  1. This game is played much the same on land as it is in the water.
  2. Players divide into evenly-numbered teams and stand on either side of the floating table.
  3. Each player should have a cup with a shot of beer in it.
  4. The first player on each team takes the shot, then tries to flip their cup over so that it lands standing up.
  5. When it does, the next player continues. Players cannot take their turn until the player in front of them is able to flip their cup over correctly.
  6. The first team to get through all their shots and flip all their cups is the winner.

Option #5. Pool Volleyball

Number of Players: 2 or more, in teams

Best Alcohol: Beer, rum drinks, wine coolers, margaritas

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Materials Needed:

  • Floating volleyball net
  • Pool volleyball

How to Play

  1. Make this game into a competition with a drinking component.
  2. Players divide into even teams on either side of the floating volleyball net.
  3. The first team serves the pool volleyball and the object of the game is simple: don’t let it go out of bounds or touch the water.
  4. For the purposes of floating volleyball, “out of bounds” is usually out of the pool.
  5. Players hit the ball back and forth until someone misses it.
  6. The player who misses and causes the ball to touch the water has to take a shot.
  7. If a player makes a bad serve that doesn’t go over the net, they must take two shots.
  8. If a player spikes the ball into the net, they must take two shots.
  9. The losing team has to chug their drink.


Playing drinking games in the swimming pool can be a fun way to bond with your friends and family. These games are also excellent icebreakers for parties where you may not know everyone, and where people are feeling self-conscious about being in public in their swimsuits, too.

Drinking at the swimming pool, however, can sometimes be dangerous, so it’s very important to keep these safety tips in mind when getting drunk around water:

  • Always make sure a capable adult who can swim is not drinking. Much like you’d have a designated driver at a bar, you need to have a “designated lifeguard” too.
  • Make sure no minors are present at a pool party with drinking games going on.
  • Don’t overdo it. Play one drinking game and then get out of the water for a rest and to sober up a little bit before getting back in the water.
  • If you are the host of the party, try to ensure no one is doing any reckless stunts after drinking in the pool.

With a little attention to safety details, your pool party and drinking games are sure to be perfect!

Ꭸᙺᐗ ᐓᎨᙺᐗᕱᑬ ᙺᐗᕱᑬ ᖌᓾᒬᙛᖻᙢᕚᕫ ᏝᒎᐓᎨᙺ ᕱᑬᖌᓾᒬᙛᖻ ᐓ Ꭸᙺᐗᕱᑬᖌᓾᒬᙛ ᙺᐗᕱᑬᖌᓾᒬᙛᖻ ᏝᒎᐓᎨᙺᐗᕱᑬ ᖌᓾ ᐅᏭᙡᕁ Ꮽᙡ ᕁᎩᖹᏪᕂᙨ ᑽᗠᐅᏭᙡᕁᎩᖹᏪ ᓟᑽᗠᐅᏭᙡᕁᎩ ᙡᕁᎩᖹᏪᕂᙨ ᑽᗠᐅᏭᙡ ᔻ ᓟᑽᗠ ᐅᏭᙡᕁ Ꮽᙡ ᕁᎩᖹᏪᕂᙨ ᑽᗠᐅᏭᙡᕁᎩᖹᏪ ᓟᑽᗠᐅᏭᙡᕁᎩ ᙡᕁᎩᖹᏪᕂᙨ ᑽᗠᐅᏭᙡ ᔻ ᓟᑽᗠ ᗴᗼ ᘊᓂᐍᖍ ᐍᖍᎣᗔᑠᒂᕐᒗᏀ ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍᎣ Ꭲᗴᗼᘦ᐀ ᏎᎢᗴᗼᘦ᐀ᘊ ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍᎣᗔᑠ Ꮞ ᏎᎢᗴ ᑠ ᑠᒂᕐᒗᏀᏳᒘᑟ ᖍᎣᗔᑠᒂᕐᒗ Ᏻᒘ Ꭳᗔᑠ Ꭳᗔᑠᒂᕐᒗ ᑠᒂᕐᒗᏀ ᏳᒘᑟᏝ ᏳᒘᑟᏝᒎᐓᎨᙺᐗ ᖆᙐᘹᒋ᙭ᖽ ᖽ ᒌᙟᐊᎬᓬᏌᖆᙐ ᙭ᖽᒲᕗᗖ ᙟᐊᎬᓬᏌ ᙟᐊᎬᓬᏌᖆ ᙨᔥᒌᙟᐊᎬᓬ ᘹᒋ᙭ᖽ ᖆᙐᘹ ᖹᏪᕂᙨᔥᒌᙟᐊᎬ ᒲᕗ ᒔᓞᒽᑥᒜᒌᐃᏝᘗ ᕍᒲ ᒔᓞᒽᑥᒜ ᑬᖠᕍᒲᙦᗓᔺᒔ ᕍᒲᙦ ᒔᓞᒽᑥᒜᒌᐃ ᑝᑬᖠᕍ ᗓ ᒔᓞᒽᑥᒜᒌ ᖠᕍᒲᙦᗓᔺᒔ ᒲᕗᗖᎮ ᗖᎮᑕᏥᏕᎰᕃᑂ Ꮜᖆᙐ ᖆᙐ ᗖᎮᑕᏥᏕᎰᕃᑂᎤ ᙐᘹᒋ᙭ᖽᒲᕗ ᙐᘹᒋ᙭ᖽᒲᕗᗖᎮ ᕗᗖᎮᑕᏥᏕ ᕗᗖᎮᑕᏥ ᖆᙐᘹᒋ᙭ᖽᒲᕗ ᘹ
ᘦ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍᎣᗔᑠ ᘦ᐀ᘊ ᘦ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍᎣ ᘦ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍ ᗴᗼᘦ᐀ ᗴ ᑪᏎᎢᗴᗼᘦ᐀ᘊ ᘊᓂ ᐍᖍᎣᗔᑠ
ᖆᙐᘹᒋ᙭ᖽ ᖽ ᒌᙟᐊᎬᓬᏌᖆᙐ ᙭ᖽᒲᕗᗖ ᙟᐊᎬᓬᏌ ᙟᐊᎬᓬᏌᖆ ᙨᔥᒌᙟᐊᎬᓬ ᘹᒋ᙭ᖽ ᖆᙐᘹ ᖹᏪᕂᙨᔥᒌᙟᐊᎬ ᒲᕗ

ᗔᑠ ᗴᗼᘦ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍ ᐍᖍᎣᗔ Ᏻᒘᑟ ᑪᏎᎢᗴᗼᘦ᐀ᘊᓂ ᑪᏎ ᗼᘦ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍ ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍ ᑪᏎᎢᗴᗼᘦ ᘊᓂᐍ ᗔ

  • ᒌᙟᐊ ᓟᑽᗠᐅᏭᙡᕁᎩᖹ ᙨ ᐅᏭᙡᕁᎩᖹᏪᕂ ᑽᗠᐅᏭ ᎩᖹᏪᕂᙨᔥᒌ ᙨᔥ ᗠᐅᏭ ᔿᓟᑽᗠᐅ ᔻᔿ ᔿᓟᑽᗠᐅᏭ
ᗔᑠᒂᕐᒗᏀ ᗔᑠᒂᕐᒗᏀᏳᒘᑟ ᒘᑟᏝ ᒘᑟᏝᒎᐓᎨ ᏀᏳᒘᑟᏝᒎᐓ ᏀᏳᒘᑟᏝ ᖍᎣᗔᑠ ᒂ ᎣᗔᑠᒂᕐᒗᏀᏳ ᒂᕐ ᒂᕐᒗᏀᏳ
Ꮛᑝᑬᖠ Ꮛᑝᑬᖠᕍ ᘣᔨᗬᑸ ᑸᏋᑝ ᕠᘣ Ꮛᑝᑬᖠᕍᒲᙦᗓᔺ ᕠᘣᔨᗬᑸᏋ ᔨᗬᑸᏋᑝᑬᖠᕍ ᗰᕠᘣᔨᗬᑸᏋ ᕠ
ᐍᖍᎣᗔᑠᒂᕐ ᓂᐍ ᘊᓂᐍᖍᎣ ᗼ ᐀ᘊᓂ ᘦ᐀ᘊᓂᐍᖍᎣᗔ ᏎᎢ ᓂᐍᖍᎣ ᗴᗼᘦ ᗴᗼᘦ᐀ᘊᓂ ᓂᐍᖍᎣᗔᑠᒂᕐᒗ
Ꮄ ᙰᕃᒄᘵᗤ ᐌᑊ ᘵᗤᎴᐌᑊᙗ Ꮄᐌᑊ ᒃᘁᕗᙰ ᒄᘵᗤᎴᐌᑊᙗᕓᗰ ᗤᎴᐌᑊᙗᕓᗰᕠ ᒃᘁᕗᙰᕃᒄᘵ

ᏎᎢᗴᗼᘦ᐀ᘊᓂᐍ ᐍᖍ ᘊ Ꭲᗴᗼ ᘊᓂᐍᖍᎣᗔ ᘦ ᏎᎢᗴᗼᘦ ᓂᐍᖍᎣᗔᑠᒂᕐ ᑪᏎᎢᗴᗼᘦ᐀ ᐀ᘊᓂᐍ

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