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Can you buy Pokemon drinking board games, or is this something you have to make?

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If you’re an adult who remembers growing up playing Pokemon, you may be interested in trying a Pokemon-themed drinking game. These drinking games are based on the video games, but they don’t require you to have a copy of the video game around to enjoy them.

All you need to do to play these drinking games is print them off and get together with a group of friends who at least have a working knowledge of the Pokemon franchise. You don’t have to be an expert, but you probably shouldn’t be a newcomer to the world of Pokemon either.

You should also have a few dice on hand as well as a couple of hours you can set aside with your friends to enjoy this game. And make sure everybody has plenty of alcoholic beverages available, too—you’ll be drinking a lot with this one!

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In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about how to play this fun and exciting drinking game. This board game style drinking game can be easily found online in several different variations, and you can also make your own if you prefer, too.

Read on to learn more about how to enjoy a board game style Pokemon drinking game at your next party.

Pokemon Drinking Board Games Variations

In this section, we’ll show you some of our favorite variations on this drinking game as well as some basic rules you should keep in mind when playing any version. Most of these different takes on the game are similar enough that you can easily learn how to play them all in one go. However, you should plan to play only one per party, since they’re a little bit lengthy and can lead to a lot of drinking in a short amount of time.

Don’t be afraid to make up your own rules, too! And if you feel like everyone is drinking too much for the game to last very long, change the shots to sips for a longer and more enjoyable board game experience.

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  1. This game functions like a regular board game in which you roll the dice and move around the board. However, most of the spaces also involve drinking, and all of the spaces are themed after the various Pokemon games.
  2. Players can’t leave the table during their turns.
  3. Breaking any rule means you have to take a shot.
  4. If you land on the same square as another player, you have to challenge them to a Pokemon trainer battle. To do this, both players roll a single die. The highest number is the winner, and the loser takes two shots. If both dice land on the same number, each player takes a shot.
    • If your starter Pokemon has a type advantage over the other player’s, however, you can roll the die twice to try to top their number. Remember, water has an advantage over fire, fire has an advantage over grass, grass has an advantage over water, and electric also has an advantage over water.
  5. Depending on which version of the board game you play, certain squares may have different meanings. Some squares require you to stop on them no matter what you rolled—these are usually Gym squares, where you have to battle a Gym Leader.
    • In the context of this drinking game, battling a Gym Leader usually means completing a simple drinking challenge.
  6. At the start of the game, players will have to choose a starter Pokemon. Players can pick between Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander, just like in the actual original Pokemon video games. This option is possible to land on a square later on that allows you to change your starter Pokemon for Pikachu, but not every player will be able to do this.
  7. The board features several recognizable Pokemon and Pokemon characters. When landing on a square with a picture of a Pokemon on it, players will usually either have to drink or give away drinks, depending on what the squares say to do. Some squares may simply have board game directions on them as well.
    • For example, landing on Pidgey means you can give away a drink plus take another turn. However, landing on Jigglypuff means everyone else has to skip a turn, and no drinks are taken or given on this square.
  8. When landing on a Gym or another human character from the Pokemon franchise, players will drink or give drinks in higher quantities.
    • For example, when landing on the Team Rocket square, everyone takes a drink. When landing on the Saffron Gym square, players must guess what number the die will land on. If they’re right, they get an extra turn; if not, they must take a shot.
  9. Variations on this game include boards that feature other Pokemon video games aside from the originals. The main version of this drinking game features Pokemon Red and Blue, but there is also a Pokemon Gold and Silver variant. Although some individuals have mentioned wanting o make updated versions for newer Pokemon games, at the time, none of these exist.
  10. The games are more or less the same, with different Pokemon and human characters pictured on the boards.


Do you have a better understanding of how to play this Pokemon themed drinking board game? Is this really something adults might want to play? Are you interested in giving it a try yourself? This drinking game is sure to be a hit with adults who were fans of the Pokemon series as kids (as well as those who still are). If you and your friends are a little nerdy or just want to relive your childhood in an adult-friendly way, don’t skip this exciting drinking game.

How can you go about downloading and printing these games? The best way to do this is to save a high-quality version of the game and print it on glossy photo paper. You might also want to go to the trouble to laminate the paper if you’re going to use the drinking game over and over again, but this isn’t necessary if you don’t mind having to reprint the game every time you play it in the future.

You will need a printer that can print in color in order to save and print these games. You may need to take them to a copy store if you don’t have this available at home. The text is small on some of these game variations, so printing at a high quality is a must in order to be able to read the game instructions.

Once you have the game, your group of friends, and plenty to drink for everyone, make sure your party stays safe. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t overdo it. Let anyone back out of the game who feels like they’ve had too much to drink, and never let minors join this drinking game, even though it is based on a kid-friendly topic.

Keep these safety tips in mind for a great Pokemon drinking board game experience!

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