Best House Party Drinking Games


Are you a homebody who loves chilling and entertaining at home?

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Is the home scenario your best partying spot?

Do you often host friends home and are looking for some great drinking games that your guest can enjoy?

If you don’t really want to step out but still want to enjoy the fun and craziness of drinking with friends and have a good time, playing drinking games at home could be your thing. In fact, with this article, we’re going to make your life easier, and your parties more fun too!

Check out 5 of the best home drinking games that you and your buddies will love playing. From simple rules to things you’ll need and how to set up, it’s all here. And also check out all those reasons we’ve provided so that there’s absolutely no need to go out and drink, when you can have more relaxed and crazy fun right at home!

What makes a particular drinking game great for playing at home?

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When it comes to drinking games, there are so many different ones to choose from that you can never go out of choices! In fact, one of the best places to play these games, unlike what most people may think, is at home!

Here’s why these games are perfect for a home gathering

If you’re still wondering why these games are best played at home, here are a few reasons that can easily convince you, or your friends:

1. First and most important, there’s no time limit from and till when you can play. It’s your house, so play for as long as you want, without the worries of the bar closing for the night!

2. These games are super easy to set up, which means that you don’t really have to plan in advance. Feel like playing? Set them up whenever the mood hits you!

3. None of these games are messy, unless you or your guests decide to spill out some, so that also reduces the need of cleaning up later, when you’re already drunk (and even if you need to clean up, you can always do it the next morning!).

All these games are flexible about the number of players needed. So, whether it’s a small intimate gathering or a huge group of friends, you have something or the other to go ahead with.

5 of the best home drinking games

Option #1. DRUNK JENGA

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Why it’s a great home drinking game: Let’s you create your own rules!

Materials needed

  • Jenga tiles
  • Sharpie to write your own rules
  • Alcohol of choice
  • Table/sturdy surface

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. Before you get the alcohol in place, make sure to write down some crazy fun rules on each Jenga tile.
  2. Set them up with the instructions facing inward.
  3. Now get all the alcohol in place.
  4. Here are some of the fun rules that you can write down for the Drunk Jenga game.
  5. Cube 1 to 5 – You drink 1,2,3,4,5 shots depending on what you get.
  6. Cube 6 to 10 – Everyone else drinks 6,7,8,9,10 shots depending on what you get.
  7. Cube 11 – All girls drink
  8. Cube 12 – All guys drink
  9. Cube 13 – Say 2 truths and 1 lie. If the players guess, you drink, else they drink.
  10. Cube 14 – British accent (use this throughout the game. Have 1 drink each slip).
  11. Cube 15 – Arm wrestle with player on left. Loser drinks.
  12. Cube 16 – Create a new rule (to be used through the game)
  13. Cube 17 – Last person with hands up in the air drinks
  14. Cube 18 – 1 drink per swear through the game
  15. Cube 19 – Make someone drink twice
  16. Cube 20 – Everyone wearing glasses drinks

Create more rules as you wish!

Option #2. BITE THE BAG

Why it’s a great home drinking game: May lead to falling down on the floor!

Materials needed

  • 1 brown paper bag (extra in case it tears)
  • Scissors
  • Alcohol of choice

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. Place the paper bag on the floor.
  2. Players take turn to pick up the bag from the floor using their teeth.
  3. While doing this, you have to be standing with your feet touching the ground.
  4. You can only touch the paper bag with your mouth.
  5. Player failing to do so drinks bottoms-up.
  6. After every round, chop off a bit of the bag to make it smaller and more difficult.
  7. To make it more fun, make players drink again each time they fall down.

Option #3. FUZZY DUCK

Why it’s a great home drinking game: Can sound offending played in a public space

Materials needed

  • Alcohol of choice
  • Ability to say specific English words
  • Table or sturdy surface

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. All players sit in a circle.
  2. First player picks a direction and says ‘Fuzzy Fuck’.
  3. Each person in the direction keeps saying the same.
  4. Any player can choose to say “Does he/she?
  5. On saying that, the direction changes and now players have to say “Ducky Fuzz
  6. Whenever a player says “Does he/she?the direction changes again.
  7. Players now say “Fuzzy Duck.”
  8. If any player says “Fuck he does” or “Does he fuck” they do bottoms-up.
  9. Any player messing the words drinks bottoms-up.

Option #4. QUARTERS

Why it’s a great home drinking game: Comfortable to sit and play

Materials needed

  • 2 quarters
  • 1 big/medium beer cup
  • 2 shot glasses
  • Alcohol of choice

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. Players sit facing each other on opposite sides.
  2. Add alcohol in glass and place in the middle.
  3. Two players try bouncing their quarter off the table and in the shot glass as fast as possible.
  4. Once done, they pass it to the player on the left.
  5. Players repeat process.
  6. Player who does it before the person on the left is able to do it has to tap that player’s glass.
  7. The slower player has to drink the glass in the middle and refill it.
  8. Players who make their shot on the first try can pass the glass to any player.

Option #5. POWER HOUR

Why it’s a great home drinking game: Easy to play loud music

Materials needed

  • 1 shot glass per player
  • 6/7 beer/equivalent amount of alcohol per player
  • Playlist with 60 songs of 1 minute each

How to Play and When To Drink

  1. All players hold a shot glass filled with alcohol.
  2. Start the game with a drink.
  3. Take a shot each time the song changes.

3 pros of playing these drinking games at home instead of going out

1. In case someone gets really drunk, they can always crash in instead of having to drive back.

2. Being in a home set up is also an easier way to prevent any fights that may end up breaking out when people get drunk.

3. And one of the best reasons? You can have the best time right in your pyjamas! Who said you have to get dressed to get drunk and have fun on a weekend party night?

Even though you may be playing these drinking games at home, make sure you drink responsibly and take a break if someone is not feeling well. Also, if there are any children or minors in the house, ensure they are asleep and being supervised by an alert and responsible adult, away from the drinking.

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