Outdoor Drinking Games


Are you planning to have some fun parties in your backyard?

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Do you need some great backyard drinking games that can set the mood?

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Are you looking for instructions on how to play some fun backyard drinking games?

If there is a backyard party you are planning and want some grown up drinking games to go along with your adult gang, then this is the article you need to be reading. We are talking about all those games that can make your backyard party even more fun!

Take a look at 5 such amazing games that are really popular and learn all about how you can play them. We’ll tell you the step by step instructions that will make sure no arguments break out during the game, and everyone has a great time drinking and playing.

What are outdoor yard drinking games?

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Yard drinking games are basically fun games you can play in your backyard that also involve drinking. These are super fun because the extra space in the backyard and being in the outdoors makes it possible to play the games in a more lavish way.

If you’re planning one, make sure the crowd consists of those who are of legal drinking age. Also, this can be a great way to keep your own group of friends entertained, as well as help break the ice in a group where not everyone knows each other.

5 Backyard Drinking Games To Play Outdoors

Option #1:
Yard Pong

Yard Pong is also known as the beer pong game which can be a great drinking game to be played at the backyard.

Materials Needed

  • 20 red solo cups
  • A big table to play on, preferably 8ft long
  • Some ping pong balls
  • Tape
  • Lots of beer
  • Water

How to Play

  1. Set up 10 cups on each side of the table in a triangle or in a pyramid formation.
  2. Make sure that the top peak faces your competitors.
  3. Centre the cups on the back of the table and check that they are not tilted or leaning against any other cups.
  4. Fill up each cup so that it’s 1/5th full.
  5. Put tape on the ground 10ft from the first cup on the competitor’s side. This will be the shooting line.
  6. Add an extra 4ft for the throwing line.
  7. Play with a no elbows/no wrist rule, where the elbow/wrist has to stay behind the shooting line.
  8. Throw the ball in a cup of the opponent team.
  9. When it lands in a cup, get the ball out and drink up.
  10. If you’re playing in pairs, alternate between drinking.
  11. If the ball bounces on the table first, it can be removed and the player can play again. However, the opposing team can block the ball before it reaches the cup.
  12. One team finishes up the drinks first and then the other begins.

Option #2:
Giant Drunk Jenga

Materials Needed

  • Giant Jenga tiles
  • Markers
  • Beer

How to Play

  1. Set up the giant Jenga tiles with the rules on the outside or inside.
  2. Setting it inwards is better as it will be a surprise for the players.
  3. Make the tower 18 storeys tall with 3 blocks per storey.
  4. Play the Jenga the regular way, but make sure to add the rules in each tile before you begin.
  5. 1-5:You drink 1/2/3/4/5
  6. 6-10:They drink 1/2/3/4/5
  7. 11-All women drink
  8. 12-All guys drink
  9. 13-2 truths,1 lie. If the other players guess the lie, you drink, else they drink
  10. 14-Speak a sentence in a British accent. Take a drink for every non-Brit accent.
  11. 15-Arm wrestle with your non-strong hand while drinking
  12. 16-Make a rule to follow for the rest of the game
  13. 17-Youngest player drinks
  14. 18-Oldest player drinks
  15. 19-Keep standing for the rest of the game
  16. 20-Everyone adds drink in a cup and you drink
  17. 21-Go around the table to be slapped on the bum by everyone while taking a sip each time
  18. 22-Take a drink for 1 year each after secondary
  19. 23-Take a drink for every sibling you have
  20. 24-The last player to put their thumb on the table drinks
  21. 25-Player with the best bum drinks
  22. 26-No one can say your name, else they drink for the rest of the game
  23. 27-Name the last porn you watched
  24. 28-Play rock,paper,scissors and whoever loses drinks
  25. 29-All singles drink
  26. 30-All players who have kids take a drink for each kid

Option #3:
Slip N Flip

Materials Needed

  • Slip n slide
  • 1 cup per player
  • Alcohol
  • Hose
  • Soap
  • Table

How to Play

  1. Soap up the slide and set up the table.
  2. Place a solo cup on the table for each player.
  3. Make 2 teams.
  4. All players line up on the top of the slide.
  5. 1 player from each team slide down together, reach the cups on the table and drink up from one cup.
  6. They then have to use one finger and repeatedly try to flip the cup over, till it lands face down on the table.
  7. Only then the next player from that team can slide down and repeat.
  8. The team that finishes its drinks first wins.

Option #4:
Polish Horseshoe

Materials Needed

  • Frisbee
  • 2 poles or PVC pipes
  • 2 empty beer bottles or cans
  • Alcohol

How to Play

  1. Split up into 2 teams.
  2. Place the poles at a distance and create a line between them to divide the space clearly.
  3. Place the empty bottle or can on each pole.
  4. Stand at least 3-4ft away from the pole.
  5. All players have to stand behind their respective poles while holding a beer bottle or can in one hand.
  6. The aim is to throw and catch using just one hand.
  7. Each team takes a turn with 1 player throwing the Frisbee towards the other team’s pole and trying to knock off the bottle on top.
  8. The team on the defensive side has to try and catch the Frisbee or the bottle.
  9. No player can spill alcohol at any point of time. Else they have to drink it all up in one go and replace it with a new one.
  10. The team with the higher score wins.

Option #5:
Dizzy Bat

Materials Needed

  • A hollow bat – for this you can use a wiffle ball bat and cut off the top
  • A few cans of beer
  • A stopwatch to time

How to Play

  1. Pouring beer down the hollow bat.
  2. Keep the empty cans.
  3. Each player takes turns and drinks the contents of the bat.
  4. After drinking, the player has to put his/her head on the top of the bat and make sure the bottom of the bat touches the ground. They have to do 5 spins like this.
  5. After this, one player takes an empty can, crunches it and throws it at the player who has to hit it with the bat.
  6. If they do it, it’s the next person’s turn. If they miss it, they have to refill the bat and repeat the entire process.
  7. Time the players to see how long it takes to drink and spin.

Why are these drinking games best played in the yard?

All these games are best played with some extra space, which is easily available in the backyard. Also, these are perfect for hot days when you can enjoy your beer and play.

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