Monopoly Drinking Game Rules


Can you turn Monopoly into a drinking game?

How is this done?

Who would normally play something like this?

You can turn almost any board game into a drinking game with a little creative thinking. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Monopoly games, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to turn Monopoly into the ideal drinking game.

When it comes to drinking games Monopoly may not be the first option to pop into your mind. However, due to the very competitive nature of this game, it works beautifully as a drinking game among friends.

College students in particular are fond of playing Monopoly as a drinking game, but it can be included at almost any party or get-together where drinking will be present. Try it yourself to see how fun this experience can be!

Keep in mind that you should never play Monopoly as a drinking game when kids or teens are present. This is only intended for adults, and it should be played responsibly. Do not drink and drive after playing this drinking game, and do not play any drinking game in an environment that doesn’t feel safe to you or one of the other players.

With a little attention to safety details, you’ll be able to have a fun and enjoyable time with your friends playing Monopoly as a drinking game.

Read on to learn more!

Monopoly Drinking Game Rules: How To Play

Check out this list of ideas to help you turn Monopoly into the perfect drinking game. These are some of the base rules that are used by players everywhere, but you can always add or remove rules to make the game entirely your own experience, too. Remember: your party, your house rules!

  • Take a shot every time you pass Go. Alternately, if you think this may be too many shots, you can change this rule to require taking a shot when someone lands on Go instead. The whole group must take a shot if any one player lands on Go (although the player who landed on Go may be exempt, depending on house rules).
  • Take a shot when you go to Jail. Alternately, if you get sent to Jail, you can chug your whole drink to get out of Jail faster. Additionally, if another player sends you to Jail (instead of a game mechanic sending you to Jail), then you must take two shots by some variations of this drinking game.
  • Take a shot when you land on a Railroad that is owned by someone else. If they own more than one Railroad, take a shot for each one they own. If they own all of the railroads, they can dictate how many shots you have to take. If you land on a Railroad that you yourself own, you can give a shot to any other player. In the same way, if you own more than one, the number of shots you can give away when landing on your own Railroad increases as well.
  • Take a shot when you land on someone else’s property. If they own the whole color block, take a shot for each of the colors they own (two to four, depending on the color in question). If they own both Boardwalk and Park Place, the shots for landing on either of these squares will be doubled—although some variations of this game exclude this rule.
  • Take a shot when you roll doubles. Alternately, a player who rolls doubles may be able to give the shot to someone else, depending on house rules.
  • When someone buys a hotel, everyone except the buyer drinks. From then on, if someone lands on the space with the hotel, the person who landed on the space must take a drink—even if they are the player who owns the hotel.
  • When someone lands on Free Parking, everyone except the player drinks. Some variations of this drinking game require the player who landed on the space to roll the dice, and everyone takes the corresponding number of drinks.
  • If you land on Water Works or Electric Company, roll the dice and take a shot for each number you roll. Alternately, this rule can function like the Free Parking rule instead, and it can apply to the other players instead of the one who landed on the space in question. This is up to house rules.
  • If you have to pay into the Community Chest, you have to take a shot. This rule stands regardless of how much you have to pay or what the circumstances may be.
  • If you have to pay another player $50 during Chance,you have to take a shot. On the other hand, if they have to pay you money as part of the Chance cards, then they have to take a shot.
  • If the bank owes you money, you can assign a drink to someone else. In some variations of this game, money values are assigned drink values. For example, if the bank owes you less than a certain amount, you can only give away one drink; if the bank owes you more than that amount, you can give away two drinks, and so on.


Now that you’ve seen how to play Monopoly as a drinking game, you may be wondering where you can buy this game. After all, not everyone has a copy just lying around waiting for the next big party, and not every store still carries board games like this either.

If you’re looking for a copy of Monopoly for your next party, we’ve got you covered. Check out this listing and don’t forget to purchase your copy of Monopoly before your next party so you’ll be prepared for the drinking game experience.


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This [amazon link=”B00000IWCT” title=”version of Monopoly” /] is similar to the original old-fashioned game with some changes as well. This board includes an additional game piece and has alternate rules that can be used to make the game shorter if you desire. However, you can also play the game according to the original rules, which is best when you’re planning to use it for a drinking game. This copy of Monopoly has everything you need to get started at your next party. Just remember to brush up on how to play before you begin drinking!


  • This game has enough pieces that six players can play together, although you can also divide into teams if you’ll be using this game for a very large party.
  • This version of Monopoly comes with everything you need to play the game the original way, although you can alter the rules easily if you choose to as well.


  • This version of Monopoly is low-quality and is made with materials that may tear, break, or become damaged very easily—which may be particularly bad for a drinking game.
  • The colors of the money have been changed from the original, which is a downside for diehard Monopoly fans.

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With a copy of this board game in hand, you’re one step closer to hosting a great and memorable party for yourself and your friends!

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