Homemade Drinking Game


Do you like to party and have fun?

Do you want to learn how to turn any situation into a drinking game?

Are you planning on custom making drinking games to TRASH your friends?

With a little creativity, almost any party where adults and alcohol will be present can easily be turned into a drinking game situation. However, it may take a little practice to figure out just how to make this happen.

In this article, we’ll give you 15 of our favorite suggestions for drinking games you can set up without any materials needed at all. Most of these take the form of house rules you can enact if you’re the host of a party, but a few of them are specific to situations you and your party guests may find yourselves in, too.

Read through these suggestions and see which ones you want to encourage your guests to participate in next time you throw a party. The more players the better!

Read on to learn all about making drinking games.

Universal Drinking Game Rules

In this section, we’ll show you some of the most popular universal drinking game rules that many parties and party-goers use to have a good time at all sorts of different get-togethers. Not all of these may work for every situation or every party, so take your time choosing the ones you like the best.

You may want to consider giving everyone a card or a piece of paper with the rules printed on it when they arrive at your party. This way, everyone will have a “cheat sheet” and will be able to remember when they’re supposed to drink—or make someone else drink.

Option #1. Everyone must take a shot when anyone at the party says a swear word.

If you have any particularly foul-mouthed guests, everyone is going to get drunk fast with this one. You can also change it up and say that the person who swears has to take a shot instead.

Option #2. If someone says the word drink, everyone has to drink.

You may also want to add other words that are related, such as “beer,” “booze,” etc.

Option #3. If someone catches you looking at them, you have to take a shot.

This is an “eye contact” rule that many parties with lots of drinking games present often put into place.

Option #4. Everyone has to talk about themselves in the third person.

Anyone who doesn’t do this must drink. As the night wears on and everyone gets more and more drunk, they’re likely to forget this one, so it can be a great way to get everyone drinking more in no time.

Option #5. When speaking, the last word in a sentence always has to be repeated.

Anyone who doesn’t do this has to take a drink. If someone catches another person forgetting, they can call them out on it and force them to take two drinks instead.

Option #6. End every sentence with the phrase, “If you know what I mean.”

You can also change this rule and have all sentences begin with, “You know what?” instead, or you can put both rules into place at the same party.

Option #7. Each time someone drinks, they have to hold their arms to their sides like a T-Rex.

This means they’ll have to bend their torso or neck over to get a drink and are likely to spill some of their drink on themselves in the process.

Option #8. Play multiplayer racing video games together and chug as you approach the finish line until you cross it.

This is especially good for family gatherings, but it can work for any party where alcohol and video games are both present.

Option #9. Tape a fake mustache to the TV and drink every time it lines up correctly with someone’s face.

You can also do this with a fake hat—or with a real hat positioned jauntily on the corner of the TV instead.

Option #10. If playing beer pong, players always have to hold a cup in one hand while taking their turns.

This rule can also go for other drinking games as well. Pretty much any drinking game can be played with this rule in place, but it makes some of them a lot more difficult than others, so keep this in mind when choosing which ones get this rule.

Option #11. Give everyone a drinking game checklist and have them drink depending on what they’ve done.

For example, drink if you have painted fingernails or if you’re married. This is a variation on “never have I ever,” and it is best played at bachelor or bachelorette parties. However, you can play it as a group at just about any party. You may want to gather everyone for this game, though, rather than keeping it going throughout the night.

Option #12. If anyone catches you texting during the party and calls you out on it, you have to take a shot.

If they text you to make you drink instead of telling you in person, you have to take two shots—but they will have to take a shot, too, if they get caught texting!

Option #13. Someone in the group is assigned the thumb master.

Throughout the party, every time that person puts up a thumb, everyone else has to also. The last person to do this takes a shot.

Option #14. Everyone must keep a pinky out when they are drinking, no matter what they’re drinking.

Even if they’re having beer from a red plastic cup, this “fancy drinking” rule is in effect. If they don’t do it, they have to chug.

Option #15. Anyone who has to leave the table during a drinking game to go to the bathroom has to do two shots to make up for it when they get back.

The only exception to this rule is if the person is sick from drinking too much and needs to back out of drinking for the night altogether.


How creative can you get with drinking games before they get too complicated to explain to you guests? Are guests really going to follow the drinking rules from the list above? You may be surprised at just how easy it really is to get guests to participate in a drinking game like the one outlined above. All you need to do is make sure they remember the rules, so they don’t neglect them when they’ve had more to drink and become forgetful.

If you don’t want to hand out cards to all your guests, you might choose one or two of the rules to assign to each guest individually instead. This way, everyone has their own specific drinking rules they have to follow, and they don’t have to remember a whole list of ten or more after they’ve gotten tipsy or drunk. You can also encourage guests to make others drink when they notice someone breaking one of the rules.

Remember, too, to always drink and play responsibly. If you are the party host, make sure your guests are not overdoing it with their drinking, and make sure you and your guests will not drink and drive. Don’t let minors join the drinking game, and ensure everyone remains safe throughout the party, too.

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