Kings Cup Drinking Game Rules


What is Kings?

Is it a well-known drinking game?

Where is it usually played?

Kings—also known as Kings Cup, Ring of Fire, and Waterfall—is a popular drinking game that is often used at parties as an icebreaker. When you’re looking for great drinking games Kings is an excellent choice for just about any party where alcohol will be present.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know to play Kings drinking games regardless of the name you may call them. All of these game are basically the same, although there may be some variations on the rules, depending on where and when you play.

Check out the information we’ve gathered for you below to help you get started. When you understand the basics of the game, you can easily alter it and make house rules you want your party guests to go by, too.

Remember that everyone playing should be comfortable with the game as well as the surroundings, and make sure your guests won’t be drinking and driving. This game can get everyone very drunk, so play responsibly and be sure there are only adults present at your party.

Read on to learn more about playing Kings Cup at your next get-together!

Materials Needed

  • 1 deck of cards (waterproof cards are ideal)
  • Beer for everyone (or alcohol of your choice)
  • Large beer boot or other large cup for holding alcohol
  • Cups for everyone playing
  • Group of at least 6 people

Rules of the Game

  1. Keep in mind that the number rules associated with this game can vary from location to location and group to group. These rules are a good basic set to follow, but you can always change or add to this list depending on your preferences.
  2. First, pour everyone their own drink. Place the large King’s Cup in the middle of the table and spread the deck of cards around it.
  3. Decide on how long the punishment drinks will last. Most games say these should last for three seconds, but it depends on the people you’re playing with. This can also be a volume instead—such as a half-shot or a whole shot.
  4. The first player must draw a card from those that were spread out in front of the King’s Cup. Then, the player must respond with the correct action according to the card drawn. Usually, the whole group of player s will respond in some way.
  5. The basic list for card actions is as follows:
    • Ace: Waterfall card. Everyone has to chug when the Ace is drawn. The person who drew the card will determine when the chugging stops. People who aren’t good at chugging will have to keep going to keep up with those who are, and everyone is sure to get tipsy fast when playing by this rule.
    • Two: The player who drew the card picks any one other person to take a drink. This is where the “punishment” time length comes into play, if it has been chosen.
    • Three: The player who drew the card must take a drink. Again, the player must drink for the length of time established as the “punishment,” or for the volume of alcohol instead.
    • Four: All women playing have to take a drink.
    • Five: The person who pulled the card has to do a dance move. The next person around the circle has to repeat it. The first person to mess up the move has to take a drink.
    • Six: All the men playing have to take a drink.
    • Seven: Everyone must point up at the sky as quickly as possible. The last person to do so is the one who has to take a drink.
    • Eight: The player chooses someone to be their “mate,” which means they both have to drink at the same time. If either player is forced to drink, they both have to drink the same amount.
    • Nine: The player who picked the card must say a word, and then everyone must go around the group and say words that rhyme with it. The first player who can’t think of a word has to take a drink.
    • Ten: This card is “categories.” The player who picked the card has to pick a category, and then everyone must go around the table and list words that fall into the category. The first player who can’t think of something has to take a drink.
    • Jack: This card means everyone has to stop and play a round of Never Have I Ever.
    • Queen: The player who draws this card must ask the next player any question. The next player then answers and asks the following player any question. These questions should be silly, dirty, or otherwise funny. The first player who can’t think of a question or answer their question drinks.
    • King: The player who picks the card can make a rule that must be followed until the next King is drawn. Anyone who breaks the rule has to drink.
  6. The player who draws the last King is the loser, and the game ends. This person has to chug everything in the King’s Cup.


Now that you know all the drinking games rules Kings Cup requires, it’s time to play! Stock up on everything you need to enjoy a round or more of this fun drinking game and get ready to use it at your next party.

Is it worth it to buy waterproof cards for this game? Some fans of drinking games that involve cards enjoy using waterproof cards so they don’t have to worry about their cards getting ruined with spills and accidents. Check out this listing for a deck of waterproof cards if you want to give it a try.

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  • These cards are printed with rules for some of your favorite drinking games and rituals, so you don’t have to worry about trying to remember how to play games or what to do when you’re drunk.
  • Despite the over-the-top design of these cards, they still feature a complete 54-card deck and all four suits, so you won’t be missing anything for your favorite drinking games.


  • The cards may be too big and bulky for some players to enjoy playing with, although this is open to interpretation.
  • Some customers may find these cards are a little too expensive for a simple deck of cards.

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Of course, you can still play this game with a regular deck of cards if you want, too. It’s up to you! Just remember that, no matter which cards you use, this game should only be played by adults, and always play responsibly.

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