Golf Drinking Games


Is a game of golf coming up soon?

Are you thinking of jazzing up your regular golf game and want to add some fun to it?

Would you like to try out a few drinking games that will be perfect while playing golf?

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If you have never done this yet, even though you love playing golf, or are a regular, now is the time to try out something new! In fact, today we are going to talk about how you can turn a simple and regular golf game into a fun and memorable drinking golf game.

We will share 15 unique, silly and absolutely amusing and hilarious rules that you can add to any golf game that you are playing, and make it a never-to-forget game. Not sure whether you really will enjoy it or not? Well, we’re pretty sure that once you check out the fun rules we’ve listed for you below, you would definitely be interested to give it a shot!

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Is it okay to drink while playing golf?

We’re hoping you know that when we say it’s alright to drink while playing golf, we mean it as a way to just enjoy the game and let yourself loose. Maybe you can drink till your arms feel loose and your eyes turn so blurry that the only thing you can focus on is the target. Of course, if you are thinking of having a drinking games golf round during a competitive game, then we cannot take any responsibility for what happens next!

15 fun drinking game rules to play during a round of golf

Whether you are planning to have a drinking time during an actual game on the course or want to get into a drinking session while playing golf on a video game, there are a host of fun rules that you can add, instead of just drinking and playing golf.

Here is a list of 15 simple but super fun rules that can make your day on the greens a lot more exciting. Ready to try out something new? Then give this a read:

Option #1. Every time you need to use a mulligan:

  • If you don’t know the meaning of a mulligan in golf, it refers to a second chance that you get to perform an action that went wrong the first time.
  • This could be due to a mistake you made, or just because of sheer bad luck.
  • Every time you need to use a mulligan, you need to drink first and then hit.

Option #2. A player scores a birdie

  • Whenever a player in your flight scores a birdie, the rest of the players present will have to drink.
  • Alternatively, all the other players can also shotgun a beer.
  • If you are a skilled golf player, or if the friends who are playing with you are all skilled players and you feel that birdies are very common, then you can also change it to eagles instead. 

Option #3. 1 for every beer or drink that you finish on the course

  • Have some more fun by taking 1 shot off your final score for every beer or drink that you finish on the course.
  • For instance, if you have shot a 92 but have had only about 10 beers through the round, it means that your score is 82.
  • On the other hand, if your friend has shot an 86 but has had only about 3 beers through the round, it means that your friend’s score is 83.
  • In this case, the person with the higher number is the loser, which means your friend has lost and has to drink.

Option #4. Your beer should always be with you

  • For this rule, you should have a beer in your hand at all times, the only exception being when you are hitting.
  • For each time that you forget to bring your beer, you need to drink.
  • In case you are playing golf as an online game, you can follow the rule by carrying the beer in your hand at all times, whether you are sitting on the couch or getting up and walking around the room.

Option #5. Drink if you want to tee off closer to the hole

  • All the players will have to tee off from the farthest tee from the hole.
  • In case you want to tee off closer to the hole, you will have to finish a drink for every tee box that you move.
  • You have to play from the farthest back tees, no matter what colour it is – black, blue or whatever comes on the course.
  • You can move up a tee box but you will have to drink a beer each time.

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Option #6. Drink every time your ball lands in the bunker

  • This is really simple.
  • Take a drink before each shot.
  • If your ball lands in the bunker, drink again.

Option #7. The point over par rule

  • For this one, you can start off by taking a sip and then shoot.
  • Now take a sip or a shot for every point over par that you score in each hole.

Option #8. Carry the beer each time you get out of the cart

  • Each player keeps drinking their choice of beer while in the cart.
  • The moment you get out of the cart, all the beer bottles, whether the one you’re still drinking or the ones you emptied, have to be in your hand.

Option #9. Hit a hole in one, everyone drinks

  • This could be a great way to show off your golfing skills, whether or not you are a pro!
  • Try hitting a hole-in-one.
  • If you are able to do it, everyone else drinks.
  • If you can’t do it, you have to drink.

Option #10. Drink if it goes in water

  • If you’ve put it in the drink, you drink!
  • Each time you hit the ball in a water body, you will have to drink.

Option #11. Getting out of the bunker shot

  • Did you shoot inside the bunker?
  • If you need more than 2 shots to get it out, drink!

Option #12. Regular intervals for a drink

  • Before starting, decide on some regular intervals that you will take for each drink.
  • For instance, you could decide that every third hole (for 1, 4, 7, 10 and so on), the players will have to shotgun a beer before teeing.

Option #13. Chipping-in from off the green

  • If any player chips in from off the green, the rest of the players will have to drink.

Option #14. For all the Par 3’s

  • For this one, every player, except the one who is closest to the pin, will have to take a shot.
  • You can also choose to shotgun a beer.

Option #15. Missing the green

  • This rule carries on from the previous rule at No.14
  • To make it a little more fun, the player who misses the green completely will have to drink extra.

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How alcohol affects the game

When you consume alcohol, it does have some or the other effect on your body and senses.

  • Drinking alcohol while or before playing can affect your game.
  • The effects can be negative, especially if you are competing.
  • If you’re just having a good time and enjoying, it may be alright.

Before drinking on the course, check with the management to avoid penalty or offending others.

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