Best Drinking Games (For Small Groups)


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Are you planning to host a small group any time soon?

Do you want to have some fun drinking games that your friends will love?

Would you like to check out a few that don’t need too many people and will work in a small group?

Drinking games can help break the ice and let people mingle better. But sometimes, it can be difficult to find games that are suitable for a smaller group. Which is why, this article can be helpful for you, as we take a look at drinking games that are meant for small groups.

Read the easy rules and how to play. If you want to buy drinking games, we’re also sharing buying links with price range, detailed features and pros and cons. So read on and see which ones will work for you and your small group of friends.

How do you choose games to play in small groups?

One of the main things to keep in mind when you choose games for small groups is that they can be played individually, instead of only being played as teams. This will let you involve all players.

What makes these games different?

These games are usually different from the other drinking games because they can be played as individuals, or sometimes, in pairs. Ideally, a group of 4 to 7 people would make up a small group.


Why it’s good for a small group: Can be played with as less as 2 players

Number of Players: 1+

Best type of alcohol: Any

How to play and when to drink

  1. All players roll the dice. The player with the highest number is Player One.
  2. If there are 2+ players, decide beforehand if you want to play clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  3. Each player puts 5 dice in their cups.
  4. Everyone shakes their cup and slams it upside down on the table. 
  5. Remove the cup to see the dice, without revealing it to other players.
  6. Player One calls out how many dice of a particular value they have. For instance, 3 “5s” etc.
  7. Other players start calling out what they have.
  8. You can say whatever you want, and not always the truth.
  9. If a player catches your bluff, you have to drink.
  10. If you say someone is bluffing whereas they are actually not, you have to drink.

Option #2. 3 MAN

Why it’s good for a small group: Amusing for a shorter duration with medium amount of drinking.

Number of Players: 3+

Best type of alcohol: Any

How to play and when to drink

  1. Each player rolls the dice by turn till someone gets a 3.
  2. This player becomes the first Three Man and rolls 2 dice.
  3. The game moves around with each player rolling both dice, and drinking as per the dice number results (shared below).
  4. Also, the Three Man changes after every round.
  5. 3- Three Man drinks
  6. 6-Everyone drinks
  7. 7-Player sitting on right of roller drinks
  8. 9-Player sitting across from roller drinks (if only 2 people are playing, both drink)
  9. 11-Player sitting left of roller drinks
  10. 4 & 1-Roller places thumb on the table at any time. All players do the same. Last player to do so drinks.
  11. Doubles-Roller chooses next roller. If they are able to roll a double, game moves on. Else they have to drink.  


Why it’s good for a small group: Fun and creative

Number of Players: 3+

Best type of alcohol: Any

How to play and when to drink

  1. All players sit together.
  2. One player starts by saying ‘1’, the next says ‘2’ and so on till ‘21’.
  3. At ‘21’, all players shout “Cheers to the Governor” and drink.
  4. The player who shouted ‘21’ can now make a rule that other players can agree to.
  5. For instance, at the count of ‘9’ a certain player has to drink, or that the count will now go backwards.
  6. So, at the count of ‘9’ the said player has to drink, or any player who forgets the backward counting will have to drink.
  7. The game usually ends when players are too drunk or tired.


Why it’s good for a small group: Smaller version of beer pong

Number of Players: 4-10

Best type of alcohol: Beer

How to play and when to drink

  1. Players stand around a table.
  2. Place all cups (except 2 shooting cups) in the middle and fill with alcohol.
  3. One will be a death cup that is filled to the brim.
  4. Two players standing opposite each other start with a ball and a cup.
  5. They have to try and shoot the ball in the other player’s empty cup as fast as possible.
  6. If you shoot at first try, pass it to any player, else pass to the player on your left.
  7. If you made the shot while another player is still attempting, you can smack off their empty cup from the table.
  8. This player will have to take a cup from the middle and drink it fast and then try and shoot the ball into this.
  9. All cups have to be finished. The person whose cup is smacked last has to drink the death cup.


Why it’s good for a small group: Simple but fun without too many rules

Number of Players: 1+

Best type of alcohol: Beer

How to play and when to drink

  1. Set an empty beer bottle in the middle of the table.
  2. Place a deck of cards face down on top of the bottle.
  3. Players take turns to blow the cards on top of the bottle.
  4. You can blow as many or as less cards as you want.
  5. Player who blows the last card has to drink an entire bottle of beer.

3 Drinking Games for Small Groups to Play Available on Amazon

Option #1. Barbuzzo Middle Finger Spin the Shot – Drinking Game with Attitude

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[amazon link=”B01AMRAR26″ title=”This has a shot glass and is good for 2-6 players” /]. Pour a shot in the glass, spin the finger and whoever it points to has to drink. You can also add your own rules to the drinking.


  • This choice can combine with roulette
  • Easy to carry
  • Option to add more glasses and alcohol around


  • Not too sturdy

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Option #2. Bo-Toys Drinking Game Glass Roulette – Drinking Game Set Casino Style Drinking Game

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[amazon link=”B015EOWTNW” title=”This has a spinning roulette wheel” /], 2 ball and 16 numbered shot glasses. Turn the wheel and if it matches your shot glass number, you drink.


  • Decent quality
  • Classy roulette feel
  • Non-alcoholic option too


  • Choose vendor carefully

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Option #3. Power Hour Tower Drinking Game – Hilarious, Entertaining, & Outrageous Adult Party Game

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[amazon link=”B0792P2RP7″ title=”This has 48 wooden blocks with unique challenges, games and tasks” /]. It’s meant for 2-8 players. Play with any choice or mix of alcohol and find out funny and embarrassing details about each other.


  • Removes inhibitions
  • Fun challenges
  • Encourages mingling


  • Offensive to some

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Drink responsibly and don’t drive after playing any of these drinking games. Ensure that everyone is of a legal drinking age and there are no children or minors around.

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