Funny Dares Drinking Game


What is Drink or Dare?

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How do you play it?

How are drinking games dares different from those for players who aren’t drinking?

Drink or Dare is just like Truth or Dare, but it is played with a drinking component instead. In Truth or Dare, players can choose to either answer a question truthfully or perform a dare instead. In Drink or Dare, the player must choose between the dare and taking a shot.

If you’re planning to play some drinking dare games in the near future, you may need some ideas to help you get started. It’s hard to think of good dares off the top of your head, especially when you’ve been drinking.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 35 great options to help jumpstart your dares. With this list, you’ll never again be at a loss for what to challenge your friends to do.

Read on to get some good ideas for your next dare drinking games.

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Dares for Drinking Games

How can you choose the best dares for this game? Remember that some people are better suited to certain dares than others. Never challenge someone to do something dangerous or that causes them genuine distress (other than a little harmless embarrassment). Always pick dares you can do without leaving your house or the location where you’re playing.

Option #1. Eat a teaspoon of hot sauce.

You can increase this to a tablespoon for a serious dare or change the substance to mustard or soy sauce for a less difficult dare. Don’t be surprised if someone vomits from this challenge.

Option #2. Take an ugly selfie and use it as your profile picture on social media.

Or, better yet, have someone else in the group take the selfie so the person doing the challenge can’t cheat.

Option #3. Howl at the moon for a full minute.

This is best performed without warning in the middle of the party. Depending on where you live, you might be able to go outside and do this challenge too.

Option #4. Have someone in the group mess up your hair on purpose and leave it that way for the rest of the party.

You can specify the type of hairstyle (for example, a “bad mohawk”) or just have the other player do their worst. Only hair gel or spray should be used, to prevent anyone from having hair they cannot wear to work the next day.

Option #5. Dance in public with no music playing for one minute.

Whether this is performed at the party or elsewhere is up to the group, but do not drink and drive. Perform this challenge only in a location you can walk to safely from the party, or at the party itself.

Option #6. Call a phone number at random and sing a song.

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Ideally, sing a song that’s family-friendly in case a child picks up the phone. Be cautious when prank calling, and don’t prank call in the middle of the night.

Option #7. Wear your underwear over your pants throughout the rest of the game.

Bonus points if your underwear are embarrassing.

Option #8. Belly dance for the group for a full minute.

Roll your shirt up to show off your midriff when you do this.

Option #9. Go to the bar and order a diet water.

If you are not at the bar already, don’t do this challenge.

Option #10. Sing a song, but sing it opera-style.

The more elaborate and dramatic, the better.

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Option #11. Keep your tongue stuck out the whole time you sing a song.

Bonus points if someone else in the group chooses the song and you have to muddle through it without being able to put your tongue back in your mouth.

Option #12. Ask a random stranger to adopt you.

Don’t travel anywhere to do this while drinking, and only do this if there are strangers you can ask at the party, or if you are at a bar or other venue with strangers already.

Option #13. Ask a random stranger, “Are you my mommy?” Follow the same rules for #12 with this dare.

Option #14. Show everyone your recent online search history.

This can be a very embarrassing dare.

Option #15. Talk in a funny voice for the rest of the game.

If you can’t conjure up a funny voice on your own, hold your nose while talking.

Option #16. Pour a cup of ice water on yourself.

Do not use frozen water for this, or you may end up hurting yourself. Don’t use hot or boiling water for this either.

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Option #17. Ask permission every time you go to the bathroom for the rest of the night.

If the group doesn’t say you can go, then hold it.

Option #18. Go around the room and sniff everyone.

Rank everyone in terms of how they smell after you’ve done this.

Option #19. Use your hand to talk like a puppet for the rest of the game.

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For a more difficult challenge, draw a face on your hand first and come up with a name for your hand to use.

Option #20. Crack an egg over your head.

Make the challenge tougher by insisting the person who does this can’t go wash their hair until the game is over.

Option #21. Take your socks off using your teeth.

Hands can only be used to help move the foot up to the mouth. For the actual sock removal processes, however, only the teeth can be used.

Option #22. Pluck blades of grass using tweezers.

You can set a number of grass blades to be plucked before the person doing this challenge can come back inside. Make sure there are no roots attached!

Option #23. Do a shot of pickle juice.

Some players may actually like drinking pickle juice, however, so if this true of someone you’re playing with, you may want to choose a different edible substance instead.

Option #24. Eat off the floor or out of a pet food dish using only your mouth.

Just don’t do anything harmful to any actual pets that may be present in the home at the time.

Option #25. Eat a dog treat.

If no treats are present, eat a spoonful of dog or cat food instead. Do not leave to go pick up pet food or treats if none are present.

Option #26. Draw on your own face with a marker.

If you’re really feeling bold, have someone else in the party draw on your face instead—but don’t be surprised if they draw something dirty.

Option #27. Crawl into a dumpster or trash can.

There should be at least some trash inside when you do this.

Option #28. Put your foot in the toilet.

If you’re wearing socks, this is going to be even more unpleasant.

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Option #29. Pick up the couch cushions.

If you find anything, you have to put it in your mouth for ten seconds. The only exceptions to the rule are anything that could be potentially very dangerous to put in your mouth for any length of time, such as broken glass. Otherwise, even if it’s old food or coins, they must be held in the mouth and timed.

Option #30. Switch pants with another player for the rest of the game.

This must be done in front of the whole group, so everyone will see both players’ underwear.

Option #31. Paint all of your fingernails in under ten seconds.

If a fingernail is missed, you’ll have to take a shot anyway.

Option #32. Let everyone look through your purse or wallet.

Just make sure they don’t steal anything!

Option #33. Get a makeover from the person to your left.

This can be makeup only, or it can include hair and makeup both. The makeover should take no more than five minutes for the sake of gameplay and for entertainment purposes, too.

Option #34. Let the other players throw food at you for 30 seconds.

The only rule here is not to throw anything that could actually hurt someone, and not to aim for the eyes.

Option #35. Put your shoes on the wrong feet and leave them that way throughout the rest of the night.

If anyone asks you about it, you have to make up a different story to tell them each time and cannot tell them the real reason why you’re wearing your shoes this way. If anyone catches you telling the truth, you’ll have to take a shot.


When is the best time to play a game like this? If you’re at a party or a bar and looking for a great icebreaker, this is the perfect time to try playing Drink or Dare. Of course, you can also enjoy it when partying with a smaller group of close friends, too. There are pros and cons to playing this game with strangers versus friends, so keep this in mind when choosing. Even a romantic couple can enjoy this game, especially when making the dares more intimate in nature.

No matter where and when you play this game, never drive after playing a drinking game and never let a minor play. Always drink responsibly.

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