Try Fun Dice Drinking Games At Your Next Party

Find fun dice drinking games in our party dice drink game list.


Do you love playing dice based games?

Do you want games that involve drinking?

Do you want some cool drinking games that use dice?

If you’re looking for anything like this, then this article is meant just for you. We’re talking about fun drinking games with dice that you can play with friends.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to play. We’re sharing all details including number of players, type of alcohol, things needed and instructions.

What are dice games?

A dice game uses one or more dice(s) as its main component to move the game forward and get different results.

What are dice drinking games?

A dice drinking game is a regular dice game that involves drinks. Instead of other rules to make the players drink, you have to take a swig and roll the dice to see how the game will proceed.

How are dice typically used in a drinking game?

  • Decide who starts the game.
  • Decide rules that players who roll the dice have to follow.
  • Determine which player has to drink.
  • Determine how many sips or shots player has to take.

7 great dice drinking games that you can play

The choice of drink in all these fun dice drinking games is beer, but you can modify as per your or your friends’ preference.

Dice Drinking Games #1. THREE MAN

Also known as Mr. Three or Hat Man.
Players: 4+
Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed For This Dice Drinking Game

  • 2 dice
  • Alcohol
  • Flat surface or table

Dice numbers

  • 3: Three Man drinks
  • 7: Player on left drinks
  • 9: Every player drinks
  • 11: Player on right drinks
  • Combination of 1 and 4 on both dice: Player who gets this becomes the Thumbmaster. They place their thumb on the surface at any point in the game. All players have to rush to place their thumbs on the table. The last player who does so drinks.

How to play

  1. Sit in a circle.
  2. Determine Three Man by rolling the dice. This player drinks each time number 3 rolls in combination with both the dices or shows up on any one dice. If both dices show number 3, player has to drink twice.
  3. When Three Man gets 3 by one dice showing 3 or in combination, choose the next Three Man.
  4. Three Man decides who starts.
  5. If you get a double, give the dices to another player, or one each to two players.
  6. Players roll the dice and drink as much as the number on the dice.
  7. If they get a double, the person who had passed them the dice drinks the addition on both dices.
  8. Dice goes to original player and game continues.
  9. If you get anything other than 3,7,9,11 as total on both dices, your turn ends and the player next to you rolls.

Dice Drinking Games #2. 7-11

Players: 4+
Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed For This Dice Drinking Game

  • 2 dice
  • Shot glass
  • Beer

How to play

  1. Sit around a table with shot glass in the middle.
  2. Take the dice and roll.
  3. You have to try and get a 7,11 or double of any kind.
  4. If you get that, you can tell a player to fill the shot glass to the brim and drink.
  5. As soon as the drinker picks up the drink, you roll again to try and get 7,11 or a double. If you get it, the person drinking drinks again.
  6. If the roller rolls too fast or is too drunk and the dice falls from the table, you shout ‘sloppy dice, drink twice’ and the roller has to drink twice.
  7. The person drinking has to finish drinking fast and put the glass on the table, so the rolling stops.
  8. The dice passes to the next player and repeats.

Dice Drinking Games #3. THE INVITER

Players: 3+
Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed For This Dice Drinking Game

  • Dice
  • Beer

How to play

  1. Roll the dice.
  2. If it’s a 1, drink a beer.
  3. If it’s 2 or 5, pass to the next player.
  4. If it’s 6, INVITE another player to drink.
  5. If it’s 3, the player on the right drinks.
  6. If it’s 4, the player on the left drinks.

Dice Drinking Games #4. 6 CUPS

Players: 3+
Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed For This Dice Drinking Game

  • 6 cups
  • 1 dice
  • Beer
  • Marker pen

How to play

  1. Label each cup 1-6.
  2. First player rolls the dice. Whatever number comes on the dice, fill that cup.
  3. Pass the dice to the next player.
  4. If an already filled cup number comes, player drinks that but does not refill.
  5. This player rolls till they get an unfilled number, and fill that.
  6. For rolling an empty cup number, fill it up.
  7. For a filled cup number, drink it and roll again till you find an empty cup to be filled.

Dice Drinking Games #5. BEER DIE

Players: 2-4
Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed For This Dice Drinking Game

  • Rectangular table or sheet of plywood about 8X4ft
  • 1 un-rounded dice
  • 4 pint glasses
  • 4 armless chairs
  • Beer

How to play

  1. Place the chairs on each corner of the table or ply.
  2. Place the cups one hand length away from the closest edge of the table and one hand width from the side of the table.
  3. Fill up the cups. They will be placed in front of each player at the corner.
  4. Oldest player shoots the dice after tapping once.
  5. You score when the dice hits the table, bounces off the edge closest to the opposing team without them being able to catch it in one hand.
  6. With each mistake, player drinks 1/3rd of the beer.
  7. Take a drink if – dice touches your cup/you throw and it hits the ceiling/ you throw but miss the table/you throw but it stays on the table/ you drop it without it being thrown to you by the opposing team/it falls into your cup.
  8. Each time a team member drinks, another player on the other team also drinks to finish beers at the same time.

Dice Drinking Games #6. CHASE THE ACE

Players: 4 or more
Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed For This Dice Drinking Game

  • 2 cups
  • Dice
  • Beer

How to play

  1. Sit in a circle.
  2. Two opposite-sitting players take a cup with a die in it.
  3. On the count of 3, roll the dice.
  4. 1-pass cup and dice to left.
  5. 2/3-nothing.
  6. 4-a drink for person on left.
  7. 5-a drink for person on right.
  8. 6-you drink.

Dice Drinking Games #7. 21 ACES

This is a game that you are meant to play in a pub, whether with your own set of friends or even with a group of strangers to make it more fun!

Players: Choose a good number to have enough fun
Alcohol: Any obscure booze

Materials Needed For This Dice Drinking Game

  • 5 dices
  • Friends or strangers ready to play
  • The bar where you can easily get the booze

How to play

  1. The main aim of the game is to roll aces.
  2. Players roll dice in clockwise order by turn.
  3. Keep count of the total number of aces rolled together.
  4. Whoever rolls the 7th ace decides which shot of drink to take from the bar.
  5. Whoever rolls the 14th pays for it.
  6. Player rolling the 21st loses the game and drinks that shot.
  7. After the 17th ace, every ace afterwards gets removed till the 21st is rolled.
  8. The last roll should have only 1 dice for the ace.

When’s a good time to play dice drinking games?

These games are best played at college parties, house parties with friends or at a pub in a larger group.

Do these require certain skills?

Some games require you to add, but this only adds more fun to the game.

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