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Have you heard about the Cards Against Humanity game?

Are you planning to add some twist to the game to suit a drinks party?

Do you want to use this card game to add even more fun to your party and entertain your guests?

Whether or not you have played the Cards Against Humanity game ever before, this article today is still a must-read! Why? Because in this article, we are going to share some really fun, despicable and crazy drinking rules that will go great with the game, and will make your friends want to keep playing.

From telling you the basic rules to what all changes you can make, to how you can twist the many drinking rules and incorporate them in the game and more, you can read it all here. Also, if you don’t already have the game with you, don’t worry. We will share links of where to buy the game, as well as its features, price range and pros and cons. So go right ahead and let the fun begin!

What is Cards Against Humanity?

The Cards Against Humanity is a card-based game that labels itself as being a party game that is meant for horrible people.

  • The game also prides itself on being different from any other party game you may have played before.
  • In fact, the Cards Against Humanity card game is meant to be as horrible, awkward and despicable as it can get, and is meant to match you and your horrible friends’!
  • The game is meant to be played only by those who are above the age of 17. It is best played between 3 and 20 players or even more! 
  • Since its release in the year 2011, the game became the number one seller on Amazon.
  • One of the best things that people love about this game is that it lets you shed your inhibitions and just be yourself, without worrying about who thinks what.
  • Of course to some, this game can come across as offensive, but the main aim of the game is to be offensive, vulgar and totally wacky without really trying to hurt anyone, and doing it all in play.


How do you play Cards Against Humanity? What are the rules?

Here are the official rules for playing the Cards Against Humanity game:

  1. Each player starts by drawing 10 White cards.
  2. Now select a Card Czar. This will be the player who has pooped most recently.
  3. The Card Czar plays a Black card and reads out the question/fill-in-the-blank phrase on it.
  4. The other players have to answer the same in the White card.
  5. Once done, all players put their cards face down and pass it to the Czar.
  6. After shuffling the received answers, the Czar reads the Black card once again and then shares all the combinations with the group.
  7. The Czar then chooses the funniest answer and the player who wrote it gets an Awesome Point.
  8. For the next round, a new Card Czar will be chosen.

How do you win this game?

This game is not about winning and losing – it is just about playing together and having fun.

However, if you do want to introduce a winning angle to the game, which is entirely up to your and your friends’ choice, you can try the following:

  • For each round, once the Card Czar reads out all the White cards, the player whose card gets the most amount of laughs is the winner for that round.
  • The Card Czar can choose the winner based on a favourite answer.

Can you turn Cards Against Humanity into a drinking game?

Cards Against Humanity is one of those games that can easily be turned into a drinking game. Once you do that, you will realize that even though you were having a lot of fun with your friends with this game till now, adding the drinking element takes it a much higher notch.

5 Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game Rules To Try

Here are 5 fun drinking game variations that you can add to the game to make Cards Against Humanity more fun:

Option #1. The winner of the round chooses a player to drink

  • In this twist to adding the drinking angle in the game, whoever wins a particular round can choose a player who has to have a drink.
  • The winner can choose a player at random, or if someone has already had to drink a few shots earlier in the game, the player can try and get that person to drink more, to finally get them drunk first.

Option #2. All players drink except the winner of the round

  • For this particular drinking rule in the game, once a round is over, all the players in the game will have to take a drink, except for the winner of the round.
  • So, if you end up winning a few rounds, you will be less drunk than the rest of your friends, and of course it is always a lot of fun to see how your friends behave when they are all drunker than you are, isn’t it?

Option #3. The loser of the round takes a drink

  • Of course this is one of the easiest drinking rules to apply to the Cards Against Humanity game.
  • After each round, the loser has to take a drink. The player whose answer gets the least laughs or is booed by the others is the loser.

Option #4. Add a Suddenly Drunk deck

  • Add the Suddenly Drunk deck. This is a separate card game that has many variations based around drinking.
  • This offer is a great addition to the regular game. Just follow the drinking rules on those cards.

Option #5. 3 Winners who all have to drink

  • Czar chooses 3 favourites instead of 1.
  • The 1st favourite drinks 1 shot. The 2nd favourite drinks half a beer. The 3rd favourite drinks quarter beer.

Where to buy Cards Against Humanity on Amazon

Where to buy? Check out Cards Against Humanity on Amazon!

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The [amazon link=”B004S8F7QM” title=”Cards Against Humanity” /] is a card-based party game that calls itself a game for horrible people. You can now play with the latest version 2.0 that has more than 150 new cards since the last version of the game had been released. This game contains 500 white cards as well as 100 black cards that will give you hours of play time and also increases the replay value of the game. The game comes with a booklet of sensible game rules as well as alternate preposterous rules!


  • Great for an adult party.
  • Perfect way to let your guard down.
  • Offensive but in a fun way.


  • This game may seem vulgar to some of your more conservative friends.

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The best part about playing the Cards Against Humanity game as a drinking game is that you can easily mix and match rules, create your own rules and add more fun to the game each time you play it. Also, if you feel it may come off as offensive to some of your guests, you can adjust the rules accordingly.

While you enjoy playing the drinking game, make sure you drink responsibly and do not drink and drive. Have fun and be safe.

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