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EZ DRINKER Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set (16-Piece),...
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EZ DRINKER Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set (16-Piece),...
  • Shot Roulette by EZ Drinker
  • 16 Numbered Shot Glasses
  • Functional Roulette Wheel

Are you thinking of buying some drinking games?

Do you want to entertain your hosts with some fun drinking games at the party?

Are you ready to take your party to the next level and make it forever memorable?

If playing games, drinking and having a good time with your family and friends is something you love to do, then this article is just perfect for you to read! Coz here, you will get to know all about those amazing drinking games that are not only great to play with friends, but will add extra fun and laugh to any party that has a bunch of adults.

In this article, we will share with you a detailed list of 9 of the best drinking games that you can easily buy on Amazon. We will share with you their features, their individual price range, as well as the pros and cons of each. We also tell you why it’s a good idea to get these from Amazon, and which one is our favourite of them all. Ready to party? Read on!

Option #1. Big Dot of Happiness Drink If Game – Girls Night Out – Party Game Cards – 24 Count

Big Dot of Happiness Drink If Game - Girls Night Out - Party Game...

This game comes with 24 cards that all have unique drink-if kind of challenges . This offer is perfect for a girls’ gang party or bachelorette party. Make sure you have a large supply of drinks ready before starting the game. While it’s a lot of fun and daring, it’s still tame enough to include all your girlfriends. The cards have a no-mess glitter print which means that even as they look glittery and beautiful, there’s no worrying about spoiling your dress.


  • Beautiful and girlie.
  • Great quality cards.


  • Not the boldest scenarios.

Option #2. Loaded Kings – The Drinking Card Game (Waterproof Playing Cards)

Loaded Kings - The Drinking Card Game (Waterproof Playing Cards)

This is one of the most popular drinking games that can be played between 2 and 10 adult players . This option comes with 54 game cards with easy to read rules printed on each. In fact, the cards also tell you whose turn it is to drink, making it easier to avoid drunken fights! These are waterproof, which means no more worrying about spilling your drinks.


  • Easy to play rules
  • Very durable


  • A bit repetitive

Option #3. Pour Taste Game by Hasbro Gaming

Pour Taste Game

This is the classic spin it, mix them up and drink it all up game. It is perfect for parties to add more laughs and fun . All you have to do is to choose the ingredients that you want (alcoholic and anything) and then spin the spinner. Once done, be daring enough to drink up the concoction that comes up in the spinner! The game comes with a wheel with a spinner, a cup mat, 6 cups, as well as 20 chips and full instructions on how to play and drink. The game is perfect for 2 to 6 players.


  • The board is durable and spins easily
  • This choice can add mix of weirdest and funkiest ingredients


  • This choice may not play twice in the same party.

Option #4. ICUP iPartyHard – Drunken Tower: The Grab A Piece Adult Drinking Game

ICUP iPartyHard - Drunken Tower: The Grab A Piece Adult Drinking...

This game is strictly meant for those who are of 21 years or above . It comes with 4 shots in each pack as well as a total of 60 blocks. Each block in the pack comes with unique instructions which make it really fun to play with. The blocks are made out of real wood, which means that they are good enough to endure the rough and tumble nature of your drinking party. The game is supposed to be quite challenging when you are sober, and takes it to a next level once you are drunk. This offer is best to be played between 2 and 4 players. 


  • This offer can play with or without alcohol
  • Super fun instructions


  • Difficult to read when you are drunk

Option #5. EZ DRINKER Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set (16-Piece)

EZ DRINKER Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set (16-Piece),...

This game is just like a roulette game, except that it is a drinking roulette . The pack also comes with 16 numbered shot glasses and has a roulette wheel that is nicely functional. This choice also has 2 metallic roulette balls. The game is 12 inches wide and 2 inches tall. This choice helps to bring in the fun and ambience of a casino right inside your home!


  • This choice can do full shots or mix them up
  • This offer can add disposable glasses for more players


  • Choose vendor carefully

Option #6. Drunk Confidence Game – A Drinking Party Game for You and Your Overconfident Friends

DRUNK CONFIDENCE Party Game - an Adult Party Game for You and...

This super fun game comes with a collection of 250 cards  that all have a mix of challenges that will let you check how talented and smart you and your friends really are. The challenges range from fun pop culture to some history trivia, to hilarious random acts, to singing and more. For those who are not able to beat the challenge, the drinking immediately begins! It comes in a compact box that is easy to take along.


  • Fun challenges
  • Crazy without being offensive


  • A little difficult to learn initially

Option #7. Tipsy Tower Drinking Game – The Ultimate Adult Party Game by ShouldWeDrinkTonight

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game - 54 Blocks, over 35 Different Rules...

This is a classic block stacking game  that comes with a super fun drinking twist. It has 54 high quality wooden blocks. This option comes with 1 of 36 different rules and games that are printed on each block. This option comes with variations such as make a rule, moose, story time and more.


  • Turns regular family game into drinking game
  • Provision to add own rules


  • Too small for some

Option #8. Mini Pong – Bring The Party Anywhere Game by Buffalo Games

Mini Pong - Bring The Party Anywhere Game

This game is for 2-4 players and is action-packed . It’s a convenient tabletop version of the classic game. There’s no hassle of spilling or any mess. This offer comes with a wooden game board, 2 launchers, 25 cups, 1 tethered ball and more.


  • Launcher works well
  • Sits easily on table


  • Balls not best quality

Option #9. Drinkopoly – The blurriest Game Ever!

Drinkopoly Party Game | Fun Drinking Game for Game Night |...

This game comes with crazy rules that are social and interactive . This choice is best played with up to 6 players. The game is considered to be one of the blurriest games ever.


  • Loads to drink
  • Whacky and crazy rules


  • Not worth the price

Does Amazon have a vast and varied selection of drinking games?

Amazon has a vast range of products to choose from. From different types of card games to board games and others that are simply too fun to let go of, the choices of drinking games on Amazon are just too good to give a miss!

5 Pros of Shopping for Drinking Games on Amazon

  1. Wide range to choose from
  2. Ease of shopping
  3. Great discounts
  4. Customer reviews
  5. Exchange options

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