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Are you someone who loves watching basketball games?

Do you want something that will let you enjoy the game while adding a fun twist to it?

Are you looking for or would like to try out a few basketball drinking games that are super fun?

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If you love basketball and drinks and have a group of like-minded friends to catch up with, then playing a basketball drinking game is something you shouldn’t miss. If you have not yet watched basketball while getting crazily high, then you still haven’t done one of the best things you can do!

In fact, if sitting and watching the game while having a few beers is all you have done till now, then let us tell you how much fun you are missing out on! Today we tell you how playing a drinking game can make basketball viewing more exciting. Also, if you’d rather try out something simpler at first, check our detailed review of a ready to play mini basketball game that you can even buy online!

15 Basketball Drinking Rules For NBA Game Fans

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Here are 15 such fun rules that you can create yourself when you are arranging a basketball drinking game for yourself and for your friends:

Before you begin, you will have to choose one player from each team to be Your Guy. Most of the fun drinking game rules shared here will largely involve either one or both of these players.

Option #1. Your Guy has scored:

  • Every time one of the two guys you chose scores in the game, you have to drink.
  • The same goes for your friends and the players they selected as their guys.

Option #2. Drink twice when Your Guy commits a foul

  • Each time any of the two guys you chose commits a foul, you will have to have a drink.
  • Your friends will also have to do the same when the two players they chose as their guy commit a foul.

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Option #3. Take a drink for every dunk

  • You have to take 2 shots each time there is a slam dunk.
  • If there is a rim check slam dunk, you will have to take 1 shot each time.
  • You will have to take 3 shots each time a player misses a dunk. 

Option #4. Take 2 drinks for every 3-pointer

  • Every time any of your guys makes a 3 pointer, you will have to have two drinks for each of the guy.
  • Also, you can add another fun twist to this rule by announcing that every time Your Guy makes a 3 pointer, you will give out 3 drinks to either one player of your choice, or pass out 3 drinks to 3 separate players. 

Option #5. Drink every time the score is tied

  • Drink each time there is a tie.
  • To add more fun, as soon as you finish your drink, place the cup down and call out the name of someone who is still drinking, so that they have to drink all over again!

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Option #6. Finish your drink if your guy gets fouled out

  • Each time the referee calls foul for any of your guy, gulp down your drink.
  • If both your players foul each other, do a shotgun with a beer or take a shot for each.
  • For Thunder fans, each time he gets called a foul, make a hissing sound like a snake and drink up your glass to celebrate how the snake’s getting what he deserves.

Option #7. Finish your drink for a winning buzzer-beater

  • Each time any of the team scores a game winning buzzer-beater, you will have to finish your drink.
  • To add more fun, if you finish yours first, call out another player who’s still drinking, and they have to drink another!

Option #8. Your Guy does 15 or more

  • Every time Your Guy puts up 15 points or more in a quarter, the other players will have to drink 3 drinks each at the end of the quarter.

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Option #9. Drink for random fun

  • This needs no game rule, but just a random way to add another drink to the game!
  • If any player flops funnily, take 3 drinks.

Option #10. Fight and drink up

  • What’s a basketball game without some fights breaking out on the field, right?
  • So expect some fights to break out at least once in the game, and the moment it happens, take a shot immediately.

Option #11. Personal Announcer story drink

  • There will definitely come a time in the game when one of the announcers comes up with some or the other personal story.
  • As soon as you hear them starting one about a player you are not really interested in, take a shot.

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Option #12. The Tebow

  • 1 shot for each Tebow.
  • 1 shot each time a pass hits the ground.

Option #13. The Comparison shot

  • If you hear an announcer making a premature comparison, take a shot.
  • For instance, ‘Boobie Gibson looks like the next Oscar Robinson.’

Option #14. The finale call

  • This rule applies when you are sure that one of the players is set to retire soon.
  • So every time the announcer mentions that this is the last game the player is in, take a shot.

Option #15. And here comes the ending

  • Pre-decide which team you think will win.
  • If your team wins, the others drink.
  • If your team loses, you all drink.

Mini Basketball Drinking Game Set

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  • Easy to place the shot glasses on the board
  • Great idea to enjoy while watching a game
  • Quite challenging especially when you are drunk


  • Not the sturdiest quality.

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How can a drinking game make watching a basketball game extra fun?

There are so many ways in which playing a drinking game while watching a basketball game can make the whole experience extra fun and memorable! Here are a few ways it can definitely make it a game worth playing while you check out a game worth watching:

  • It gets you in a competitive and sporty feeling even as you are already watching something similar play out.
  • You don’t just watch the game – you watch it with a lot more excitement and enjoy a much livelier experience.
  • Your friends and you don’t just sit and quietly watch – you shout out, do fun and crazy stuff, yell and jump around in excitement for the game and for the game that you yourselves are playing!

Can you play these games while watching a live game or only at home?

The easiest way to play these games is while you are at home and watching it play out live or even as a recording. However, depending on where you are watching the live game, what the rules there are, how you all are seated and how much alcohol you can keep with you, you may also be able to play out these drinking games while watching a live game. However, make sure to check on this beforehand so as not to land yourself in any trouble.

What do you need for a basketball drinking game?

To start playing a basketball drinking game, you would need the following:

  • Your choice of alcohol and lots of it
  • At least one more person besides you (though you may also play these games solo if you are watching the game on your own)
  • A television screen or viewing device to watch the game
  • An entry ticket if you are planning to watch the match live

How much alcohol would you need for this?

Depending on how many people are going to play and for how long you want to continue, it is always best to stack up quite a lot of alcohol. Imagine being in the middle of the game and thoroughly enjoying it, when you suddenly realize that you have run out of alcohol! No, you don’t want to be in that situation, so it’s best to stock up more, instead of less.

What are the best drinks to use for playing this game?

Some of the best drinks that go really well while playing this game are beer, tequila and vodka.


While drinking games are super fun to play and can immediately up the mood of any party or gathering, please do remember to drink carefully and responsibly. Also, make sure that you, or any person present in the party is not less than the legal drinking age and is definitely above it, and that no minor is involved in the party in any way.

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