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What is a bachelor party?

Why is it important to have several drinking games for bachelor party purposes available at one of these events?

How can the right game make or break the party?

A bachelor party is an event for men held the night before, or close to, a wedding. The groom is celebrated and his friends and family members who will be in the wedding help him enjoy the night to its fullest.

There is often a lot of drinking at a bachelor party, so having plenty of drinking games on hand is a great choice. The right game includes everyone and is easy to learn to play in no time.

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Read on to find some of the best bachelor party drinking games around.

Option #1. Asshole

Number of Players: 4 to 8
Best Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed

  • Table
  • Cards
  • One cup for each individual player
  • Optionally, an Asshole Hat

How to Play

  1. For this game, every player is working to get rid of all of his cards first.
  2. Cards are ranked in order from 4 to Ace, with Ace being the highest value.
  3. 2’s and 3’s are unique; a 2 clears the round, or two 3’s also clear the round.
  4. Everyone is dealt an even number of cards to begin.
  5. The first player must play a card.
  6. The second player must top it with a card of a higher value.
  7. If the player doesn’t have a higher value card, he may play doubles (i.e. two 4’s equal an 8) or the special 2 or 3 cards.
  8. If a player can’t make a play at all, he must take a shot.
  9. Play continues this way around the table until a player runs out of cards.
  10. The first person to do this becomes the President, who can then trade his bad cards for the Asshole’s good cards. He can order the Asshole to drink any time.
  11. The Asshole is the last person to be rid of all his cards. He has to fill everyone else’s beers throughout the next round.
  12. The Vice President is the second-place winner, who can order anyone to drink besides the President.

Option #2. Drunk Jenga

Number of Players: 2 or more
Best Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed

  • Jenga game (homemade or store-bought)
  • Markers
  • Individual drinks for everyone

How to Play

  1. To begin with, write on each Jenga game block with special rules for this drinking game.
  2. For example, ten blocks might say “take a shot” while another ten might say “give a shot.”
  3. From there, you can get more creative; “truth or shot” is a popular option.
  4. When every block has a drinking rule written on it, set up the game as you would for a normal game of Jenga.
  5. The tower should be made with three blocks per level, alternating horizontally and vertically.
  6. Players take turns removing a single block at a time and doing what it has written on it.
  7. If a player knocks down the tower, he must chug.

Option #3. Beer Pong

Number of Players: 2 or more (teams optional)
Best Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed

  • 20 plastic cups
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • Table
  • Additional bottle or can of beer for chugging

How to Play

  1. No bachelor party is complete without this classic game. Set up beer pong with ten cups in a pyramid shape on either end of a long table.
  2. Fill each cup with about a shot of beer each.
  3. Set aside the additional chugging bottle or can.
  4. Players stand on either end of the table and bou.
  5. nce their ping pong balls, trying to land the ball in the opposite player’s cup.
  6. If this happens, the opposite player must take that shot and then remove the cup from play.
  7. The first player to lose all of his cups must chug the bottle or can.

Option #4. Stagvenger Hunt

Number of Players: 3 or more
Best Alcohol: Beer, or any

Materials Needed

  • List of challenges
  • If driving, a designated driver

How to Play

  1. This drinking game is a unique one that involves making up your own list of challenges.
  2. Not all challenges must involve drinking, but some should!
  3. For example, challenge players to do three shots back-to-back.
  4. You could also challenge players to order a drink at the bar in their best silly accent.
  5. If some of the challenges will be taking place at other locations, ensure you have a designated driver for safety.
  6. Challenges can be completed in a list or can be assigned point values to determine the winner.
  7. The loser should chug his drink of choice.

Option #5. Who You’d Rather

Number of Players: 3 or more
Best Alcohol: Beer

Materials Needed

  • List of questions
  • Individual drinks for everyone

How to Play

  1. To get started, come up first with a list of questions you’ll be asking the groom and other guests.
  2. This game is based on what the groom will answer. For example, if you ask, “who would you rather date?” and then name two celebrities, the groom should then write down his choice.
  3. Everyone goes around the group and states their own choices.
  4. The groom then shows which one he chose. Everyone who got it wrong must take a shot.
  5. There are several variations on this game. You may take a shot for matching the groom’s choice, for example, instead.
  6. You may also ask guests to guess what the groom will say rather than simply trying to match his choice with their own opinions.
  7. If you run out of “who” you’d rather questions, you can choose “what” you’d rather do questions as well.


As you can see, there are plenty of great drinking games to help you have a memorable bachelor party. Here are a few drinking game products you can buy to help improve the event even more:

Option #1. Bachelor Party Beer Pong Balls

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This pack of six [amazon link=”B071F5H8TQ” title=”Bachelor Party Beer Pong Balls” /] is sure to get your beer pong game off to a great—and naughty—start. This set is designed to look a little scandalous while still being silly and fun at the same time. Perfect for bachelor party needs, these balls bounce just as they should for a game of beer pong you and your friends will never forget.


  • These affordable beer pong balls are great party favors as well as decorations for a naughty stag party.
  • The weight distribution is good for use in a game of beer pong, and the balls bounce nicely.


  • The painting may be chipped or otherwise scuffed on some of these options, negatively affecting the visual humor.
  • The products may arrive with some minor damage in rare instances.

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Option #2. Shot Glass Roulette

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Try your hand at [amazon link=”B003VZYQWY” title=”Shot Glass Roulette” /] for a quick and easy drinking game setup. This game comes with the roulette board and wheel plus shot glasses for each color and number combination.


  • The product is durable and easy to keep clean.
  • The shot glasses are a good size for a drinking game.


  • The game itself is small and may be best for just two players at a time.
  • Rarely, the game may arrive missing pieces.

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Option #3. Drink-A-Palooza

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[amazon link=”B008RQ1PSK” title=”Drink-A-Palooza” /] is a board game that includes all your favorite classic drinking games too. Move around the board and play Kings, Beer Pong, and many others.


  • This board game comes with lots of options and many ways to play.
  • The game is great for large groups in teams.


  • The game doesn’t come with plastic cups, although they’re pictured.
  • The game may get repetitive after a while.

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